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House Passes GPS Tracking for Sex Offenders

Posted May 1, 2007

— The North Carolina House on Tuesday passed a measure that would outline when sex offenders should be monitored by position-tracking satellites.

The bill, which now goes to the state Senate, would make it the district attorney’s duty to present evidence at sentencing that the offender should be watched by global positioning satellites (GPS). If a judge decides the offender is a sexual predator or a repeat offender or there is an aggravating factor, the offender must enroll in the satellite-based monitoring for life.

Aggravating factors include most sex crimes involving children.

If the court does not decide about GPS tracking, the Department of Correction would have to make the ruling.

An inmate who is going to be tracked would get an ankle bracelet when released from prison and would have to pay the one-time cost of $90 for it. Any violation would be a misdemeanor.


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  • yacs May 2, 2007

    Wow. Thanks for the info, lilwilmart. Sounds scary. What were the men's previous offenses?

  • lilwil May 2, 2007

    To you are correct sir:

    The parents/spouses are well aware, they and the grandparents are the ones who sit back and does nothing, along with law officials. I even notified DSS about a day care center located up the street. The owner of the daycare has been seen socializing with these people. I wasn't satified with the response from DSS, so I notified anyone that would listen, including Five on Your Side, WTVD, the Sheriff. Therefore, if anything happens, they can't say there were not informed. Apparently no one feels this is NEWS until something happens. I notified a lady who lived nearby and she was very thankful for me and she is keeping close watch on her little girl.

    These men ride children up and down the street on motorcycles, ATV's, with no helmet. Honestly, I don't know what else I can do. I don't have kids, but that doesn't stop me for caring and looking out for other people kids.

  • JustDontUnderstandPpl May 2, 2007

    I like the tattoo idea. Really hard to miss the i.d. on the forehead.

  • yacs May 2, 2007

    LOL, psychobabble -- thanks for that!

    lilwilmart, do those girls' parents know about the two parolees hanging around their kids? Please tell them!

    Putting aside personal feelings on humaneness, big brother, etc., I don't believe the GPS will be that effective or practical. Sounds like it would be costly to monitor. Someone would have to be "watching the blips" constantly; also, do we have clear direction on what they'd be watching for? Would they watch to make sure the offenders don't go near schools? Seems to me, a blip on a screen won't tell them anything useful about what someone is doing, whom s/he is talking to, etc. This sounds half-baked so far.

  • jonesextra May 2, 2007

    I am not in any way a proponent of big brother. However, with the sex offender, who rapes, molests and hurts our children, it is very necessary. For any of you who are against it, put yourself in the parents shoes whose child was just raped and murdered. You might change your mind. This is not a fool proof answer, but, it does address the problem better than anything else I have heard. Life in prison is not an option for most cases. If all offenders were put in prison for life, the tax payers would not be able to foot the bill. Many times I feel the public is so quick to criticize they see little merit in any attempt to eliviate a situation.

  • lilwil May 2, 2007

    They need to something about the ones who are paroled now. A law needs to be implemented to deal with these people to let them know they will no longer harm innocent children. I've seen a few hanging around little girls in my neigborhood. These two have an arrogancy about them like they own the neighborhood.

    What's more appalling is to see all these folks stand up in the media and say this needs to be done and we have zero-tolerance for such behavior, but when you alert them to such matters, they just turn their heads, ignore the information given to them. What's up with that?

    Maybe a tracking device is not so bad.

  • 68_polara May 2, 2007

    This is really concerning. Sexual predators or repeat offenders are grave threats to others. They need to be incarcerated for the terrible crimes they had already committed which identified them to be a threat. This is a slippery slope as suz stated and if implemented this will be expanded to include others.

  • uncwgirl02 May 2, 2007

    We wouldn't have to track them if they stayed locked up. If these people commited the offense one time, a tracking device isn't going to keep them from doing it again. Lock them up in the prison with no toilet paper.

  • knelsud92 May 2, 2007

    I'd rather have them locked up for life than these "monitoring devices". Florida's residency rules are so strict, there's a community of "sex offenders" living under a bridge in Miami, because there's NOWHERE else in the city they can live. Is that what we want?

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc May 1, 2007

    C'mon people. Trust me I hate government intrusion and/or "big brother" stuff as much as anybody. But these people are _dangerous_ and studies show that they will repeat their horrific crimes. If you ask me, they should just rot in jail for life but I guess we don't have the room because of all the non-violent drug offenders that we lock up with mandatory sentences - don't get me started on that one... But, I wonder how many of you against this would sacrafice your kids' innocence or worse just for a principled stand on this issue?