House education reform effort passes

Posted April 18, 2013

— The House voted 113-1 Thursday for an education reform package that allows senior teachers to lose their career status, what many call tenure, for bad performance and calls for a study of how to award good teachers merit pay.

Other aspects of the bill include instructing the Department of Public Instruction to create a program that allows students to earn educational credit for "real-time experiences" like clerkships and internships. It also increases the number of professional development credits teachers are required to get from 7.5 to 10 per cycle and strengthens requirements for School Improvement Plans.

The measure now goes to the Senate, which has its own education reform plan. The Senate measure has cleared the Senate Education Committee and is backed by President Pro Tem Phil Berger.

"They don't look anything alike," Rep. Bryan Holloway, R-Stokes, said of the House and Senate proposals.

For example, the Senate bill deals with the issue of teacher tenure by putting the state's most senior teachers on three-year contracts, while lower performing teachers are kept on annual contracts. 

"There's going to have to be some real conversations before either of those bills go forward," Holloway said.


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  • Krimson Apr 24, 2013

    Driver: "We knew how to read by the time we were in second grade"

    My kid is 3yo, in pre-K with 5 other children, taught by a teacher with a TA. He knows how to read...

    If we (you) are satisfied with kids in classes of 40, with one teacher and no TA, and learning to read by 6yo, we're in some serious, serious trouble...

  • Smilester Apr 23, 2013

    "We knew how to read by the time we were in second grade."

    Most kids can read by the time they are through with Kindergarten these days. Kids are smarter now than they were when you were in school mainly because they aren't packed into classrooms with 30 kids in each. Teachers are better trained now than they ever have been. They also face a lot more problems with students than they ever have before thanks to the breakdown of the American family.

  • AlbertEinstein Apr 22, 2013

    "Teachers are not moochers, Terkel." -- free2bme

    I do not read that in Terkel's comments - but I do see where Terkel has a point about free2beme attempts to place blame for everybody else.

    Until we make our public schools competitive based on real capitalism, we will continue to have just less than better.

  • free2bme Apr 22, 2013

    Teachers are not moochers, Terkel. You may have never had a great teacher but I have had plenty during my grade school years so I will always be grateful to that profession. They have to go thru testing and state certification requirements as well after obtaining a bachelors. Teachers are taking the brunt of unsupervised, unreared, unwanted children in this society because they have to deal with them. It sounds like there is a societal problem here bigger than teachers but the teachers are being penalized. It sounds like -Terkel, you should be asking the senate to change public assistance programs so that just because someone has a child should not mean that they automotically qualify for benefits. Maybe some people would stop having these kids. That would make more sense instead of increasing the requirements of teachers.

  • Terkel Apr 22, 2013

    free2bme, you sure love that free stuff, and you've got excuses for the moochers every single time. But here's the problem: we keep giving cash to women to keep having babies they neglect, keep welcoming those anchor babies but print everything in Spanish, and then teachers complain that there are too many uncivilized kids in the classroom.

    Gosh, what if we stopped handing out all things "baby" for free? It would be the quickest, easiest solution to carry out: fewer kids in classrooms, the kids would actually be wanted and loved for themselves, not for the income they bring, and those lucky enough to still have jobs and homes would see their taxes lowered.

    Then we can begin the Race to the Top.

  • free2bme Apr 22, 2013

    The NC GOP Legislature continues to punish teachers.I hope the teachers of this state remember these people at election time. It is truly time for change in leadership in NC. This state continues under the GOP to move backward. When these folks are voted out, there is so much undoing that must be done just to try to get this state back on track with this decade. If some of the parents had to put up with a room full of their kids, they would not last an hour. For some reason they see no value in teaching - one of the most important professions around. Unfortunately, most kids are not taught anything at home. so, it falls on teachers to be miracle workers, under appreciated, under paid, and at risk of being fired on top of it. I guess NC GOP wants us to lose all the good teachers we could have and have. Maybe they will be happy when we have so few teachers that kids will have to stay home.

  • driverkid3 Apr 20, 2013

    No one is going to be satisfied till there is only one or two students per teacher. Teachers once upon a time used to have 30 or so students in the class room, and we did just fine. In fact we were smarter than the kids are now. We knew how to read by the time we were in second grade, and that's without kindergarten or smart start or more at 4 and those other feel good babysitting services.

  • lbofnonsense Apr 19, 2013

    So in addition to packing my classroom with who knows how many kids...now you want me to earn MORE credits in order to keep my license current? Merit pay? Are you JOKING? WHY? This would only encourage teachers to STOP collaborating; stop sharing our good ideas; and focus on how "my students" (when they should be "our students") are doing on tests that already have WAAAAAAAAY too much importance placed on them.

    Can we all hop in our DeLorean, go back to election day, and make some voting decisions that just might have the BEST INTEREST OF CHILDREN in mind?

    Last I checked, NC was in the running in the whole Race to the Top deal. Are we trying to totally sabotage that now?

  • for the people Apr 19, 2013

    until parents actually start PARENTING, no amount of money is going to fix our public education system. teachers are getting the shaft for our community failures, its really unfortunate.

    someone mentioned teachers unions. good god what a terrible idea that is.

  • rcherry132004 Apr 19, 2013

    I have an idea...how about we just put 40-50 kids in every class, give them NO free anything, and reduce the teacher load by at least 1/2. Apparently, our govt. is only concerned about the $ and not the best interest of the children. Because teachers have been doing so much with so little does not mean that can continue forever...especially when the little keeps dwindling away. Good luck keeping teachers in this state! There will be a teacher shortage in this state in the next 3-5 years because no one wants to work where they aren't appreciated.