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HOT DEAL now even better! Moneymaker on yogurt at Food Lion!

Posted March 25, 2013


The fantastic deal on Yoplait yogurt right now at Food Lion just got better making it money maker after the $2 Catalina register coupon that is printing! 


This morning (3/25), I picked up 20 yogurt containers for .70 total AND then I received a Catalina register coupon for $2 off my next order! I plan to roll that Catalina into buying 20 more tomorrow when the truck at my store comes in and re-stocks all the yogurt. They were out of a bunch of flavors today.

Here's how it works:

Yoplait yogurt singles are on sale for .60 each.

Buy 10 and the total is $6. Buy 20 and the total is $12.00.

It's part of the Big Deal promo so they take $5 off at the register for every 10 you buy making it $1 for 10 yogurts or $2 for $20 yogurts.

There are various coupons available including a $1/10 coupon from Target.com, .40/6 and .50/8 coupons from Sundays inserts, .40/6 coupon from the Smart Shopper coupons link in the box above and a .40/6 coupon printing from the in-store coupon kiosk for some people. 

Use 2 of the the $1/10 printable manufacturer's coupons from Target.com and all 20 are FREE!!  If you have already used the $1/10 coupons, you can use the .40/6 and .50/8 coupons from the 3/25 insert.

Today I used 2 of the .40/6 coupons and 1 of the .50/8 coupons and paid .70 for 20 yogurts after coupons (that's 3.5 cents per yogurt)! Then I received the $2 Catalina coupon so it's a $1.30 moneymaker when you take into account the $2 Catalina!

I made sure that most of the yogurt expires in May so we have plenty of time to use it or freeze it before it expires. As others have mentioned, it does freeze well and works great in smoothies when it has been frozen.



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  • pigqueen95 Mar 27, 2013

    I was happy to get my free yogurt! I get the vanilla flavor, freeze it, and make strawberry banana smoothies! It was awesome to be able to stock up! I also got some strawberries. I have a $1 off a $4 produce purchase plus my $2 catalina! I paid about $2! I was so happy! I might go back and get more strawberries because they looked really good, and they taste amazing! Strawberries are great to freeze too if you plan to make smoothies, daiquiris, or for baking! They freeze well unless you plan to take them out and eat them plain, then they are a little mushy. I try to get marked down bananas at HT and I typically freeze those too.

  • amw4unc Mar 26, 2013

    Hey Faye - We are loving the yogurt deal -- How can a upload a copy of a receipt on here ?

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Mar 26, 2013

    Thanks heremeaj! The yogurt is listed in the ad on sale again this week so more cheap Yoplait!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Mar 26, 2013

    Oh my - Meredith - that was quite the yogurt ordeal! Your poor husband may never go deal shopping again! LOL I am glad they finally made it worth all the hassle they put you through. Enjoy the yogurt!

    Both my kids brought some to school today. And they will tomorrow....and the next day.... :-)

  • meredith88 Mar 26, 2013

    off as well as the third $1 coupon. So we went back to the store on the way home. We explained it to the cashier who didn't understand how our total was $5.75 and we were shorted $6. We explained it to the shift manager who didn't understand it either. Then they called the store manager over and we explained it to him. He walked around and looked at the signs for the promotion and the yogurt tags and after about 5 minutes came back and asked if we would just accept a $7 gift card because he didn't understand it either. Of course we accepted. So we actually made a profit buying the yogurt :)

  • meredith88 Mar 26, 2013

    I wanted to share my funny store with this deal. My husband gets off work 3 hours before I do. He kindly offered to do all the deal shopping for me yesterday :) I printed out each blog post with our items highlighted and the corresponding coupons paperclipped to it so it would be as easy as possible.
    When it came time for the FL trip he had his only issues of the day. At checkout he tried to use 3 of the $1 coupons. The register would only take the first 2. The cashier read the entire coupon and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't accept the 3rd one. He called the manager over who read the coupon and couldn't figure it out either. After about 5 minutes they called it quits and my husband just paid and left. When he picked me up from work he told me about it and said the total was $5.75. Well I knew even without the one coupon the total should have been under $1.50. So I checked the receipt and as I figured, the cashier only scanned 29 yogurts instead of 30. So the last $5 didn't come

  • heremeaj Mar 25, 2013

    FYI, have notread the thread so foprgive if this is a repeat. FL store manager confirmed today that the yogurt deal will go thruApril 2nd so their sale price of .16 off each one in addition to the Big Deal will also continue

  • jkay Mar 25, 2013

    Nevermind.... I see the error of my thinking now. The MVP discount is on the next line down. Duh!
    I got my 20 free yogurts today (with the $2.00 Catalina).
    I hope this sale continues into next week!

  • jkay Mar 25, 2013

    The Yoplait yogurts are ringing up at 5/$3.80 !
    I noticed this on my receipt just a minute ago - and it looks like 5/$3.80 on yours, too, Faye.

    I am pretty sure the sign said 5/$3.00 ... right?

  • coupongirl Mar 25, 2013

    I bought 10 yoplaits yesterday at my food lion. the sign said the big deal lasts through April 2 though they were out of a lot of flavors. the associate stocking the dairy said that folks had been coming in and buying basket fulls of it! I guess you have many followers in the Clayton area! the associate also said they were doing their best to increase the orders so they would keep it in stock.