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Horses reportedly stolen from Johnston home

Posted December 4, 2008

— Johnston County sheriff's deputies were searching Thursday for two draft horses they believe were stolen from a pasture outside Clayton the day before.

The fence had been clipped around the pasture where two Percherons were being kept, said Tammy Amaon, spokeswoman for the Johnston County Sheriff's Office. The pasture is at the end of a cul-de-sac at 1120 Seths Way.

Missing from the pasture were Jewel, a 12-year-old gray mare, and Bravo, a 9-year-old black gelding.

Neighbors told deputies they hadn't seen the horses get loose, and investigators did not have any suspects or a motive.

Jewel has a large scar on her right shoulder and several smaller scars along her body.

A poster featuring the stolen horses was posted on NetPosse.com, a Web site that seeks to recover stolen horses.


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  • Drifter Dec 5, 2008

    I'm still recovering from surgery, which I get to take the next and hopefully last one Tuesday, so that's why I haven't been out. I totally understand how you feel, I'd feel so lost if my dogs were stolen. I went around and checked our yard for horse droppings to see if they might have just gotten out.

    The day that we moved here, we had to call the cops because someone stole a pile of our wood that we have in the yard. So sadly, I'm not surprised. I *am* surprised that someone managed to get away with two horses and no one saw it!

    We work nights, and I swear I didn't hear anyone come down the road. I'll be sure to keep a lookout in the future just in case though.

  • puppiesinxs Dec 5, 2008

    Well if that is the case then I stand corrected. you havet o understand the lsit of "suspects" is very short and unfortunately people with a negative taste seem to be higher on that list. People with a negative taste AND a reason to be one the street just look more suspect. I am NOT trying to say you had anything to so with their disappearance -I am just EXTREMELY upset and looking at facts. The horses are fine - I would nevergive my pets anything less than the best and it makes me sad to think people would believe otherwise. Feel free to introduce yourself sometime. A closer look at things may clear up your doubts.

  • Drifter Dec 5, 2008

    Oh, I think you might have taken what I said the wrong way. I hope the people that took them get the full punishment. As I said, I like seeing the horses there. I also had everyone I know looking out for them between SC and MD. We were even checking petfinder.com to see if someone would try to post them there.

  • Drifter Dec 5, 2008

    Hey I have no idea how much land a horse needs. I'm just saying I could see someone using the 'rescue' excuse for it, but I still hope they get the punishment all the same. I liked seeing the horses out there.

  • puppiesinxs Dec 5, 2008

    I find it really funny that the police seem to believe it was someone who frequents our DEAD END STREET that took my horses. Those are MY horses! The loves of my life! I have had to be out of town on an emergency and I was sick to find that they were missing. some people just can't leave well enough alone. they didn't need rescuing - they have food, water, shelter, love and attention. More than I can say for so many other animals. People need to stay OFF other peoples property and keep their hands OFF other peoples belongings! I am saddened to learn that even here in what I have chosen to be my new home town people are so judgmental! Too bad these well meaning neighbors haven't bothered to introduce themselves and are already casting stones! The horses arrived 4 weeks ago - a shelter was erected for them and we have arranged to have the remainder of our 2 acre lot cleared for their pasture. They are NOT neglected and your comments are unwelcome.

  • Jessica Dec 5, 2008

    To those that were wondering, Jewel and Bravo were located and are safe, and appreciate everyone's comments that were directed towards their safe return. Please know what you are saying before commenting on other people's lives. These are my family's horses, they are very well cared for and loved very much. When you talk about someone else's life, such as how much land they own, please know the facts. Don't just open your mouth and let ignorance escape. Keep your own ignorant comments to yourself.

  • Drifter Dec 5, 2008

    I can see someone trying to 'rescue' them. They have a really tiny, tiny piece of land. I still hope they get the book thrown at them.

  • Bartmansan Dec 5, 2008

    Does NC still "Hang" a horse thief? I hope the horses are returned unharmed & the thieves are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Shiger Dec 5, 2008

    It looks like the horses were recovered according to their wanted poster. They believe someone was trying to "rescue" the horses.

  • pebbles262004 Dec 5, 2008

    batcave.....I hope you'll grow up one day. Your comment was so uncalled for. grow up