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Hope Mills investigates allegation that official used racial slur

Posted June 2, 2010

— Hope Mills is investigating an allegation that a town commissioner used a racial slur when discussing Police Chief Robert Hassell, who is black, officials said Wednesday.

Town Manager Randy Beeman confirmed that Town Attorney William Jackson was looking into a report that Commissioner Tonzie Collins used the slur while speaking with two officers on April 1.

Jackson will decide after the investigation whether to refer the matter to the North Carolina League of Municipalities for further investigation, Beeman said.

Neither Collins nor Hassell could be reached for comment.


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  • sunneyone Jun 3, 2010

    Wow. I find this so funny. I went to high school with his son and they are at least part Lumbee Indian. So that just strikes me as a strange irony. He's not white calling another non-white a racial slur?

    He SHOULD be investigated. He's an official and should be held to a higher standard. They're supposed to be examples for us regular Joes.

  • HarleyMan66 Jun 3, 2010

    "If you cannot see the difference between a black calling a black a name, and a white calling a black a name, then there is no help for you." - NCStatePack

    You missed my point, read my post again, and this time think about it.

  • farm Jun 3, 2010

    Caesarsgirl79, you pretty much just said it is ok for a black person to slur a white? And that white people like to be called rednecks? If Toby Keith or Taylor Swift call a black person a bad name it does not affect anyone?

  • BubbaDuke Jun 3, 2010

    Golo sucks.

  • rcsser Jun 3, 2010

    waaaaaaa,you called me a bad name im gonna tell my mom. GROW UP

  • NCStatePack Jun 3, 2010

    "NCStatePack, that IS discrimination!!!" -twc

    No it is not. Without the treatment of blacks throughout the history of this country, it'd be a more acceptable claim of discrimination. But given the history, a black calling a white "Redneck" is not the same as a white dropping an n-bomb on a black.

  • wcumom Jun 3, 2010

    Cry me a river...once again!

  • Winston Jun 2, 2010

    Why doesn't Chief Hassell go on record and state he doesn't give power to words such as the alleged slur.

  • Caesarsgirl79 Jun 2, 2010

    I think it depends on what your position is. Jay Z calling a white person a bad name doesn't affect anyone. This man is a county official, so I would assume his position affects people of all races. Most rednecks like being called rednecks, so that's a bad example.

  • jammerdog Jun 2, 2010

    So, sticks and stones!!!!!!!!!!