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Hope Mills couple accused of forcing prostitution

Posted July 23, 2013
Updated July 24, 2013

— Jacksonville police have charged a Hope Mills couple who they say kidnapped a woman and forced her to work as a prostitute.

Robin Applewhite, 36, and Samantha Rivard, 29, both of 3668 Applegate Road, were arrested Sunday after Jacksonville police responding to a complaint of possible prostitution at Baymont Inn & Suites found a woman who said she was forced to travel from Cumberland County to Jacksonville and was being held in sexual servitude.

Both face charges of human trafficking, felony conspiracy and numerous drug charges. Applewhite is also charged with first-degree kidnapping.

Both were in the Onslow County jail Tuesday afternoon – Applewhite on an $800,000 bond and Rivard on a $700,000 bond.

The couple's Hope Mills neighbors said Tuesday that Applewhite and Rivard moved into their home about two years ago, put up security cameras outside and often had visitors.

Some said that they were not surprised by the arrests or accusations.

"I had the idea that was going on," said Joe Locklear, who lives across the street from the couple. "I've seen a lot of people in and out – different vehicles, girls driving different vehicles."

But the two hadn't been seen in weeks, neighbors said. Samantha Rivard, Robin Applewhite Hope Mills couple accused of forcing prostitution

On July 11, according to Fayetteville police, the two were arrested at Candlewood Suites off Sycamore Dairy Road. Investigators said they were using a room to sell drugs and solicit clients for prostitution.

Applewhite's criminal history, according to court records, includes convictions on multiple charges such as common law robbery, drug possession, trespassing and selling drugs. He also faces at least two dozen felony charges from this year.

Rivard's record includes an outstanding shoplifting charge and some traffic-related citations.

According to the North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking, North Carolina ranks among the top 10 states for sex trafficking, a $32 billion criminal industry.


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  • lprop Jul 24, 2013

    If the reporting is correct , it is just another product of the court system

  • tarheelpatriot Jul 24, 2013

    This guy faces 2 dozen felony charges from this year and he was out on the streets ???

  • Preebok Jul 24, 2013

    Seankelly15 - It is illegal to throw down gum, but evidently, you don't know as much as you think either. He was caned for spray painting CARS. I guess you'd have him get a slap on the wrist. Maybe it was extreme, but you think oppression is worse than thousands if not more rapes and murders???? What do you think they would do to a child abuser there?

  • jaydosse Jul 24, 2013

    "According to the North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking, North Carolina ranks among the top 10 states for sex trafficking, a $32 billion criminal industry."

    Are these the jobs that the politicians keep promising will bring a boost to the economy of NC??? Is this why the unemployment rate dropped to 8.8 %??

  • jaydosse Jul 24, 2013

    Disgusting pair of miscreants!!! Put them away for a very long time!!

  • whatelseisnew Jul 24, 2013

    Well, what a lovely pair of animals. Whatever the penalties are for these offenses, both need to get the max when they are convicted.

  • seankelly15 Jul 24, 2013

    Preebok - "Right Tom! Remember when America went crazy because that kid was going to be caned in Singapore?? I remember them saying that there had been ONE reported rape in that place for a YEAR! If you make rules and adhere to the consequences of not keeping the rules, people will start abiding!!"

    You know NOTHING about Singapore. Do you know why they were going to cane that teen? Gum - it is illegal to own or chew gum. It is a beautiful city and yes it is extremely safe. It is also a city with at least a half dozen military, paramilitary and police patrolling the streets. It is oppressive in its rules and the consequences for breaking the rules.

  • mustainemad Jul 24, 2013

    and every so-called "man" who pays for the "services" needs to have his face plastered on billboards and go to jail as well

  • Tax Man Jul 24, 2013

    With his history with the law I am not quite sure he should ever be out of prison.

  • Fireflies Rock Jul 24, 2013

    horrible people, how dare they victimize these women in this way. Hope they go away for a very long time and enjoy their stay in prison.