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Home-school enrollment up in N.C.

Posted August 1, 2008

— The number of home-schooled students in North Carolina increased about 4 percent last year, according to figures released Friday by the state Division of Non-Public Education.

An estimated 71,566 students were taught at home during the 2007-08 school year, up from an estimated 68,707 the year before. The enrollment amounts to about 4 percent of students ages 7 to 16 in North Carolina – students in that age range are required by state law to attend school.

Statewide, 38,367 home schools operated last year, up 6 percent from the 36,068 in operation during 2006-07. The number of home schools is a state record, officials said.

About two-thirds of the schools classified themselves as religious schools.

Wake County had the largest number of home schools last year, with 3,548, followed by Mecklenburg and Buncombe counties. All 100 North Carolina counties had at least one home school.


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  • mramorak Aug 5, 2008


  • dogman1973 Aug 5, 2008

    What are these social skills everyone is talking about that Prison oh I mean public school system is teaching these days? Teen pregnancy, drug usage, disrespect your elders, sexual harassment and bullying....oh those are the ones! Like Ron Paul said, we should abolish the Department of Education! BTW, isn't it funny that our beloved Guvnor Mike EASY ON ILLEGALS got a prestigious award for being the Education GOV of the year, but look, NC is seeing an increase in homeschooling! That's a laugh and a half!

  • thewayitis Aug 4, 2008

    I was in the Homeschool Gathering Place (homeschool store) last week, and it was packed. I have never seen it so busy. More and more people are homeschooling because the government schools are failing the people.

    Until the government schools regain control of their classrooms through real discipline, and start teaching the basics again, more and more people are going to pull their kids out. Initially, I didn't want to be a homeschooler -- I only pulled my kid out of school because I felt I had no other choice. It was either private school or homeschool, and I couldn't afford the private school, so homeschooling was my only option. For me, it wasn't even an option to leave him in the public school.

    I'm an older parent, and a proud public school graduate, but all I can say is that things have sure changed from the way they used to be. And not for the better....

  • thewayitis Aug 4, 2008

    smitty -- Tim Tebow, recent Heisman winner, was homeschooled. I didn't even have to do any research for that one, LOL -- it was all over the news.

  • ohmygosh Aug 4, 2008

    I sure wish more parents would remove their kids from the public school system and continue to pay taxes. It keeps my taxes lower.
    Our neighbor home schools. Unfortunately she knows zilch about high school math and science. I'm afraid that this is the norm.
    It's too much to expect anyhow. There probably isn't a certified teacher alive who can teach all courses kindergarten through high school. Why do home school parents think they can?

  • Tired_of_LIBERALS Aug 1, 2008

    By the time the PSS is all minority and illegal immigrant the government will have met their goal. ALL TEST SCORES WILL BE THE SAME! Hahahahahaha!

  • myview Aug 1, 2008

    Well said, ThinkChick. I totally agree. We went the Charter School route, but whether people homeschool, charter school or private school their kids, they are definitely helping their kids. As Tired_of_LIBERALS states, the WCPSS is POOH! And getting WORSE every year. Until they get back to the three R's (for the right reasons)and discipline, you will continue to see the numbers of people abandoning the PSS until it totally implodes on itself under it's own bureaucratic stupidity, and become no more than a government-run social project for those who can't afford or care to have a decent education, generally for the poorest minorities and illegal immigrants. Then it will be apparent that the PSS and their liberal mentality is the breeding ground for most all of the gangs and criminals in the nation. Then we can say 'told you so' and now go fix it!

  • GWALLY Aug 1, 2008

    Social Skills, Social Skills....that is ALL one hears from the government school proponents........know why????? That is the ONE and ONLY catigory they can attack....because 'they' can not measure it, only surmise that these skills are or must be missing. Home schooled children rule the day (check the stats) in all areas of science, math, reading, communication and history. And if the 'wonderful and successfull social skills' that one witnesses every day in the news and at the mall are what's being taught then the public ed. crowd get an 'F' in this department as well!!!

  • brassy Aug 1, 2008

    Well, that's one way to get around reassignments...

  • Cahulawassee Aug 1, 2008

    Maybe they just don't want their kids randomly picked up and dropped off by buses, or just abandoned when school is unexpectedly let out early?