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Holly Springs police receive report of suspicious vehicle

Posted August 27, 2010

Holly Springs police said Friday evening that they received a report of a suspicious white pickup truck in the Sunset Oaks neighborhood Friday afternoon.

Mark Andrews, a spokesman for the town, said a 12-year-old girl told officers that she was near Grantwood Drive after getting off a school bus when the truck's driver, whom she did not know, offered her a ride.

The girl, scared, ran home, Andrews said in a news release. The driver left in the opposite direction, he said.

Police searched the area for the truck in attempt to interview the driver, Andrews said. Officers have not confirmed that any crime was attempted.

Friday's report is similar to two others earlier this week in Cary.

In one instance, a woman said she noticed a man in a white pickup truck parked near her home while her children were outside playing. When the man saw her, she said, he immediately left.

Police in both towns advise parents to be vigilant when their children are outside and to report immediately suspicious activity to local law enforcement.


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  • photoz Sep 2, 2010

    Odds are this guy is probably keeping up with all the news attention and is the risk taking type. I also live in the nearby area and several of the dads in the neighborhood are hoping he stops by...

  • barney Aug 30, 2010

    My daughter & a friend were in Oak Hall on Monday when a man motioned for them to come over to the car, they are 13. The police were called, the officer said the man did not have a drivers license or an ID. He also said he was not supposed to be in Holly Springs?! Could this the the Wed incident, with the wrong ages & day?? It was a small gold color car.

  • barney Aug 30, 2010

    If you have to ask "is it illegal to offer someone a ride" then I am afraid of YOU!

  • grgygrls Aug 30, 2010

    I am getting very concerned about the lack of notification that the Holly Springs police dept have done about all these incidents. I am a working parent and my kids have quite a walk home fron the bus stop everyday and am extremely concerned for thier safety. This needs to be heavily addressed with the public.

  • rabble rouser Aug 30, 2010

    I'm irritated with lack of urgency the HSPD has shown. Through a Friday talk with an officer, I was told that HSPD doesn't want to alarm [notify] people. Just sweep this one under the rug and hope it goes away? I should able to strike a balance between doing what is reasonable and necessary to protect my pre-teen daughter while still allowing her the freedom to leave the front porch without a full security detail; however, when a threat like this exists (multiple incidents with the same car description is a threat), I want the HSPD to help me (and my neighbors) keep our children safe by sharing this information with us...through a reverse 911 call or by whatever means they can use to broadcast the threat. Two things have happened in the last several weeks that make me wonder whether the Town of Holly Springs aims to truly keep its residents safe, or if they try to spin, squash and hide important information so they can promote their town as being a "safe" place to live.

  • iamrizzbiz Aug 30, 2010

    This haas been happening in a few different nieghborhoods in the area.

  • rabble rouser Aug 30, 2010

    Was the Wednesday Oakhall incident reported to the HS Police Dept? I am concerned because my daughter dances at the studio in that neighborhood and, to the best of my knowledge, the police have done absolutely nothing to warn the parents of those girls.

  • running girl Aug 30, 2010

    It should be illegal for someone to offer a ride to a child whom he or she does not know.

  • SailbadTheSinner Aug 27, 2010

    Is it illegal to offer someone a ride these days?


  • demi Aug 27, 2010

    there was another incident in the Oakhall neighborhood on Wed. , with a man trying to to get 2 girls into his car.