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Charges dropped against Holly Springs teen, mom

Posted November 17, 2014
Updated October 13, 2015

Editor's Note: All charges against Danielle and Darlene Holland were dismissed in May 2015.

A 30-second fight video quickly went viral on Friday, and hours later, landed a Holly Springs mother, her teenage daughter and another teenager in trouble with the law.

The video shows Hazel Spingola, 16, and Danielle Holland, 17, throwing punches and pulling at each other.

Hazel said Danielle’s mother, Darlene Holland, 49, encouraged the fight and can be heard yelling in the video.

“The only reason we actually fought was because of her mom,” Hazel said.

Hazel added that the fight was over $5.

“It was dumb girl drama that wasn’t worth fighting over,” she said.

The video spread quickly on the internet, was posted on several websites and gained the attention of Holly Springs police.

Holly Springs Police Chief John Herring said he was disappointed that an adult did not stop the fight.

“Not to encourage either one of those children to pursue violence as a remedy,” he said.

He said the video showed a crime in progress.

Both teenagers were charged with simple assault. Darlene Holland was charged with aiding and abetting simple assault.

No one answered the door at the Holland’s home Monday night.

Hazel said she has learned her lesson.

"It really wasn't something worth fighting over, and looking back at it now, when I saw those people walking out of the house, I should have left," she said.

All three are scheduled to face a judge in January.


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  • Derric Fuller Nov 20, 2014
    user avatar

    What the...? This is local!?

    *hides head in shame*

  • Jeff Kennedy Nov 18, 2014
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    Forget the fight. The mother should be put in jail just for filming this video in portrait.

  • marxnsain Nov 18, 2014

    if stupidity was a crime, who would lock the cell door?

  • iknowjack Nov 18, 2014

    View quoted thread

    And more believable.

  • Nan Toppin Nov 18, 2014
    user avatar

    bad parenting. sigh.

  • Gary Lasereyes Nov 18, 2014

    To all the parents out there. Your kids have enough friends, they need you to be a parent. They wont hate you for it, they'll respect you. Don't be afraid

  • sheepdog43 Nov 18, 2014


    For all those that condone fighting....how soon we forget how tragic these "little fights between teens" can end. Same High School, by the way. Sure, let them fight it out! No harm, no foul. Is this the way we want to teach our kids to resolve conflict? Through violence? Good luck America! Reap what you sow! AND, always pointing a finger at the police, who are consistently targeted for simply doing their job, which is, by the way is to enforce the Constitution and the laws of NC. This means ALL laws, where there is sufficient evidence to support a violation of the law. They (The Police) are not allowed to "pick and choose" which laws they enforce. This Liberal approach to law enforcement is not good for anyone. Poor, poor little sheep......hope the big bad wolf doesn't come knocking at your door. Who will you call?

  • nurse.k Nov 18, 2014

    I have to wonder what exactly a Christian Crisis Counselor does?

    "Hi, I have a problem with doubting the existence of God!"

    "What? I'll kick you! I'm going for the face!"

    Crisis solved?

    And anyone criticizing the Holly Springs PD over this is silly. They didn't cause this situation and they are definitely respected professionals. Unlike mom the counselor.

  • Kaitlyn Legare Nov 18, 2014
    user avatar

    I wouldn't charge the two girls but I would go after the mom big time for inciting and facilitating this violence. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor and child endangerment come to mind. I hope her career as a "counselor and minister to individuals dealing with crisis" is over for good too.

  • ok_then Nov 18, 2014

    The mother needs to GROW UP!!!! And I think she needs a few days in jail just to think about it.. And maybe some Community Service perhaps?