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Holding calls for Raleigh Housing Authority Board audit

Posted January 6, 2014

U.S. Attorney George Holding

— Congressman George Holding is calling for the federal government to audit the Raleigh Housing Authority following questions about how much the agency's director, Steve Beam, is paid and how much time he takes off. 

Beam earns a base salary of $240,000 as head of an agency that manages 2,000 public housing units and oversees another 3,500 in rental assistance vouchers, virtually all of which is funded by the federal government. 

A recent report by the News & Observer raised questions about the fact that Beam has taken at least 20 compensatory days a year for the past four years.

In an interview with WRAL last week, Beam confirmed he took the comp days but said the majority of them were in exchange for weekend days worked. In particular, he said his work related to state and national housing authority organizations frequently required weekend travel and meetings. He has worked for the authority for nearly 28 years. 

"I work far more days than I'm paid to work during the year," Beam said.

The Raleigh Housing Authority Board met Monday a closed-door executive session to discuss the situation. Board members did not announce whether they had taken any action, although they said afterward they expect to issue a statement later this month. 

Raleigh's mayor appoints the authority, but it does not report to the city government. However, council members say they expect to discuss the matter, including the city's appointments to the board, sometime this month.

Holding, a Raleigh Republican, took issue both with Beam's time away from the job as well as his salary.

"It certainly runs up a red flag when the RHA pays its executive director more than the director of the Chicago Housing Authority or the Governor of North Carolina," the congressman said.

He added that an audit by the Department of Housing and Urban Development would "show the public how the RHA spent federal money, how much money it wasted, and what steps should be taken to eliminate further wasteful spending while continuing to fulfill its mission."


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  • 1jalapeno Jan 7, 2014

    Of course the Housing Authority should be carefully audited. Why wouldn't you want to know if money is being spent wisely and employees are being compensated fairly?

  • southerntalent Jan 7, 2014

    Should the chairman of the RHA really earn a 6 figure salary?

  • dwntwnboy2 Jan 7, 2014

    Holding is a joke and trying to make a "name" for himself as some sort of fiscally responsible republican. This just distracts from the fact he works FAR fewer days and can't be fired from his job- just voted out. He only has higher government jobs for himself in sight and could really care less about the RHA as long as HIS name gets in the news as some sort of citizen watchdog- whether or not it turns up anything other than political grandstanding has yet to be seen.

  • Dr Sanchez Jan 7, 2014

    While I would welcome this being looked into, I think Holding needs to tell us why he slept in the House Speaker's Chair on the floor of Congress, drooling all over the gavel.

  • dookh8r2 Jan 7, 2014

    - Really? George Holdings is straining at nats and swallowing camels. What about the 24 billion it cost the nation to endure a govt shutdown engineered by House Republicans? Check his voting record. Not sayin' the RHA doesn't need some scrutiny, but the agency has passed all previous audits.

  • dasheller Jan 7, 2014

    --"Really? A member of the Congress that only had 126 working days in 2013 and just announced only 113 working days in 2014 - pot calling the kettle black!"

    I'd prefer they work less since all Politicians ever do is try to figure out ways to get another dollar or two out of the taxpayer wallet. Many taxpayer funded offices are corrupt/out of control because it's not their $$$. Nothing new.

  • chivegas Jan 7, 2014

    $240,000 for giving tax dollars away. Good work if you can get it...

  • itlsss Jan 7, 2014

    Let Beam pull one of his MAJIC tricks and disappear.

  • districtcadvocate Jan 6, 2014

    Finally someone is taking the most obvious of steps. This should be very interesting.

  • Atheistinafoxhole Jan 6, 2014

    "Holding, a Raleigh Republican, took issue both with Beam's time away from the job as well as his salary."

    Really? A member of the Congress that only had 126 working days in 2013 and just announced only 113 working days in 2014 - pot calling the kettle black!