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Hoke student charged with calling in school bomb threat

Posted March 28, 2011

— An 11-year-old student has been charged with making a bomb threat against Rockfish Elementary School in Raeford last week, authorities said Monday.

The student was arrested at school last Wednesday, two days after someone called the Rockfish Elementary office and stated, "There's a bomb. Let the kids go," authorities said.

Students were taken out of school, and Hoke County deputies searched the building but found no bomb, authorities said.

A juvenile petition was filed, charging the student with making a false bomb report. The student was released into the custody of his mother.


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  • prettymiss3 Apr 6, 2011

    The article makes it out as if there was only one bomb threat... But there were three! So for three days my five year old and every other student were outside for over an hour... And as to your comments... I'm all for someone defending people who derseve it... But really... It was a stupid thing to do... Maybe if during that weeks time he was watched a little better... This wouldn't be an issue.

  • staceyrosas Mar 30, 2011

    well for one if you do not want anyone speaking bad about your 11 year old then do not post stupid stuff..........i know and agree that what he did was wrong......but at the end of the day "THAT IS MY CHILD YOU SPEAKING ABOUT" let the courts handle and you people need to fall back for real.....i came from a nice family and all of us know the lord, he have the last say so in this situation and it is all in his hands.......my son is not a dummy....."DUMMY"

  • Pumpkin Mar 28, 2011

    He needs to be made to walk the streets around his school holding a sign admitting his ignorance, but I forgot he is eleven. Big dummy.

  • carrboroyouth Mar 28, 2011

    11 years old and off to a good start already

  • 6079 SMITH W Mar 28, 2011

    He was released into the custody of his mother....so what can SHE do? How do you deal with a holy terror like this? Spank him? No can do.....that is considered child abuse these days, plus, they don't like it....and are liable to call 911. Maybe she will be able to find a way to appeal to her soon-to-be 144-month-old's sense of reason and restraint through "gentle, nurturing conversation between equals". All the best authorities say so.....you know, the ones that don't have human children......;)

  • sneeziegal Mar 28, 2011

    I bet the little genius used his very traceable cell phone to make the call.