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Hoke resident shoots break-in suspect

Posted June 4, 2012

— Hoke County sheriff's deputies said Monday that they have arrested one suspect in a home break-in last week, and the second suspect remains hospitalized after being shot by the resident.

Deputies said two men kicked in the back door of a home at 101 Whitechapel Lane in Rockfish around 4:45 p.m. Friday, and a resident fired a gunshot, hitting one of the men.

The suspect, Gregory Paul Lowrie, of 44 Cambridge Arms, Apt. H in Fayetteville, was in critical condition Monday at Cape Fear Valley Hospital.

Detectives identified Samuel Arthur Bernard Sweeney, 19, of 1470 Distinct Circle in Fayetteville, as a second suspect and arrested him Sunday on charges of felony breaking and entering and conspiracy to commit felony larceny. He was placed in the Hoke County Detention Center under a $500,000 secured bond.

Detectives said they expect to make more arrests in the case.

Both Sweeney and Lowrie are on probation for multiple felony vehicle break-in charges, according to state Division of Adult Correction records. Sweeney was put on probation in January for nine vehicle break-in and two breaking-and-entering convictions.

Lowrie is listed as an absconder from supervision for his probation for four March convictions. He also served probation for a 2010 felony larceny and 2008 felony breaking-and-entering conviction.


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  • jcdavis2111 Jun 5, 2012

    Bravo the individuals that commit these crimes need to understand what could happen. Especially with the new laws being passed that a homeowner can fire to protect life and property now. This includes vehicles for you wannabe car jackers out there. Take heed to the new laws or suffer the consequence. When the public knows for a fact its legal there is far less hesitation.

  • Gadwall Jun 5, 2012

    Note to criminals: If you rob a house that is 15 miles from Fort Bragg, there's a chance the homeowner might be career Army and know how to use a gun.

  • Glock Ranger Jun 5, 2012

    I am kinda amazed that WRAL would even tell this story. The general goal of the media is to ignore all stories of successful personal defense with a firearm, and only air the stories of illegal use of firearms.

    It's also interesting that certain representatives are more interested in protecting the so called rights of same sex marriages while denying the rights for law abiding citizens to defend themselves.

  • rjcuddington Jun 5, 2012

    I like good news .. don't y'all? The good guys win another one!!!

  • Nobody-You-Know Jun 5, 2012

    It would help if along with prompt punishment there was an understanding of what right and wrong actually are actively taught in our society. Look at the movies and tv shows. Many times stealing,lying and other things that can be criminal at one time or another are laughed at or encouraged. Garbage in, garbage out.

  • ftpc99 Jun 5, 2012

    The real problem with our justice system is that punishments are too light and conditions in jails and prisons are too good. In many other countries I’ve been to the jail/prison system is a place to avoid at all costs. Conditions are rough and inmates are made to work hard. Death sentences are actually carried out in a timely manner and other punishments are very harsh to our standards. Given those facts, the deterrent to commit the crime in the first place is great enough that crime rates are much lower [overall] than ours.

    How many stories can you think of that the criminal has had more rights than the victim? If our legal system does not adequately deter crime, people will continue to commit them and our jails will continue to overflow.

  • Vietnam Vet Jun 4, 2012

    "Here we go again, all these men are on probation instead of being locked up and they commit more crimes while on probation, what is wrong with the justice system."


  • pinkiglock Jun 4, 2012

    Yankee1 - too true, too true!

  • nanasix Jun 4, 2012

    BRAVO. It pays to be prepared and loaded.

  • yankee1 Jun 4, 2012

    Democrats are afraid that if we kill all the criminals, there will be no one left to vote for them!