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Hoke man charged with rape of child

Posted March 30, 2011

— A Raeford man has been charged with the first-degree rape of a child under age 13, according to the Hoke County Sheriff's Office.

Amos Andy Combs II, 20, of 4300 Red Springs Road, was arrested Friday and given a $500,000 secured bond.

Investigators said that the child, whose gender wasn't released, told his or her parents about the alleged rape Thursday. The parents then contacted authorities.

The child said that he or she had been forced to engage in sexual intercourse multiple times over a couple months, investigators said.


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  • btneast Apr 1, 2011

    I grew up in Hoke County. It sure has changed since I moved to the Raleigh/Durham area. I hope this young man gets everything coming his way and then some!
    Do did I, and yes it has.

  • carroln Mar 31, 2011

    Death to the guilty

  • htwalton Mar 31, 2011

    Once again, John Q. Public has passed judgment on a situation they know nothing about. This young man needs help not condemnation! If he did this, he deserves to be locked up but if he doesn't understand what he did wrong, what then? I wish I could tell all of what I know on this forum, but I can't. Just let it be sufficient to say that there are circumstances that the public does not know about and the news reports the worst of the matter and doesn't try to find out everything. We see this time and time again in the reports of the War in Iraq. These people need prayer and lots of it.

  • bombayrunner Mar 30, 2011

    ahh ... finally, a bipartisan agreement.

  • bombayrunner Mar 30, 2011

    glad the kid was able to bring this out into the open. Glad it wasn't my kid, not sure I could have remembered to call 911 on the way to my 12ga. ... with my wife close behind.

  • parcman Mar 30, 2011

    No pills; he needs skills, of knowledge.
    im sure that he will be taught all kinds of useful skills.like how to hold onto pockets, culinary skills such as tossing salad, and i hope he learns this for a period of 30 + years if he is found guilty

  • hellorhighwaters Mar 30, 2011

    OMG.....garnergrad93....have you been talking to those people in a that terrorist group? I mean, 'sewing his eyelids open and feeding him sleeping pills'.

    Yes....this guy needs to be locked up but that deal just might be a slight over the top for a few folks.

    I am no lover of the pervert either, but torchering him is not getting him any help. I mean, look at his age, do you really think he has the understanding of an adult? He even looks like he still has the mind of a 12 or 14 year old.

    No pills; he needs skills, of knowledge.

  • hellorhighwaters Mar 30, 2011

    What's with the he or she, and his or hers thing. Now this sounds like a boy; because if it were a little girl the press would not have went through the changes of putting he or she to describe the victim.

    Let say (maybe) it's a boy, and this young boy thinks he is gay.
    I don't care if this child took his clothes off and bent over, he is still a baby, a child. And this 20 year old man should have known better than to touch a child.

    If this man (this pervert) did this to a child, then he needs to be locked up for a few decades or so. There's no where in this civilized social world for a person like him. Who's child will be next; yours'....mine? He needs to be locked up an gotten some help, if that's at all possible.

    If this terrible thing did not happen, and this child is just trying to get some attention from parents and friends because he wants to come out of the closet; this is not the way to do it. If not that, then he still needs counseling. Because why would you make up such a

  • lilward2006 Mar 30, 2011

    We are living in a time that prayer is really really needed. Even though Combs was wrong for his actions. We should keep him as well as the victim lifted in pray. It's easy to bash his name but it takes more strentght to love (agape) a person whether you know them or not and keep their name on your tongue, not negatively but lifted be for te Lord...Yes Suh!!!

  • CarolinaGirlRJA Mar 30, 2011

    I'm just wondering how he got a hold of the child if he doesn't personally know him or the parents. I wonder if he was supposed to be watching the boy or perhaps the older brother of a friend?