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Highway patrol: No traffic violation in wreck that injured Harnett deputy

Posted March 19, 2009

— A Harnett County sheriff's deputy was not speeding when he lost control on wet pavement and struck a tree March 13, the Highway Patrol has found.

The N.C. State Highway Patrol investigated the wreck, which left Deputy Daniel C. Jackson in critical condition. Troopers said they had determined Jackson was traveling at 55 mph, the posted limit on McDougald Road, at the time of the wreck.


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  • leo-nc Mar 20, 2009

    "Some of you are really sick individuals."----

    Agreed. Not just sick, but ignorant. And while we're at it, a good majority of them lazy as they are probably at work talking on golo instead of doing their job.

  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Mar 20, 2009

    Some of you are really sick individuals. My hubby, a LEO, was in an accident with his patrol car...he got a ticket, had to pay it, and yes he was on the way to a call. He was not speeding, but it was raining, he ran off the road, overcorrected and ended up in the ditch, same as TITAN4X4. He knew the Trooper that gave him a ticket. No big deal. So all of you talking trash about the law enforcement family, get over it.

    As for the deputy - praying for a speedy recovery.
    As for the trooper - thanks for doing your job.

  • lilbittyt13 Mar 20, 2009

    It never fails to amaze me how the same people who criticize LEO's are also the 1st ones to dail 911 . People - the man is hurt -yes he knew he could get hurt doing his job - but the fact he does it anyway is what makes him a great person .
    Just send him and his family your thoughts and prayers . I for one would be glad to help him anyway I could (and I don't live in Harnett county) because even though i don't live there -if I was passing through -he'd be 1st one to help me .

  • Glass Half Full Mar 20, 2009

    My prayers are that the deputy makes a full recovery. My hopes are that all these folks bad mouthing a man for a job they're not willing or capable of doing would go out and try to drive 55 MPH on McDougald Rd in the rain and see where they end up. It's basically a paved buggy path full of twists and turns that weren't designed by a DOT engineer to be easy to drive. So please quit throwing rocks from your glass houses until you know of what you speak. LEO's, FF's, EMT's put their lives on the line for us every time they work a shift. Try pulling together instead of whining about your own unfortunate incidents that dented your wallet a little. You're not fighting for your life and/or quality of life as you make these hurtful comments.

  • Common Sense Man Mar 20, 2009

    "cite me for "FAILURE TO MAINTAIN SINGLE LANE OF TRAVEL!" DUH! I was in a ditch not in a lane!!!!!!"

    Really Sherlock? If you stayed in your travel lane and not a ditch you wouldn't have been cited. He was responding to a call, get over it.

  • thepeopleschamp Mar 20, 2009

    ncpics, so one time you saw a Deputy speeding somewhere else and based on that you are convinced that this particular Deputy had to be speeding? Brilliant sir.

  • NCPictures Mar 20, 2009

    Not speeding?? HA! Has anyone seen the stream of these guys in Lillington at the end of the day? They are usually the fastest cars out there. And I have seen them pull out into the other lane of traffic with on coming traffic.

  • uncfan89 Mar 20, 2009

    I agree starshield, if it had been there home they would all be singing a different tune. Why does it matter if he gets a ticket or not, in this profession wrecks are going to happen it is the nature of the job,in having to respond to calls in all kinds of conditions,so if there is a different standard for LEO's them so be it. The rest of us do not have to drive at the speeds, in the conditions that they do. There again this is so insignificant, in comparision to what this officer is facing. Those of you that are so critical of this officer put yourselves in this family's place. Please continue to pray for his recovery. And Fuquay Resident please let the family that there are alot of people out here praying for them and Danny's recovery.

  • tallboy4372 Mar 20, 2009

    To those who may say there "is a double standard". That goes both ways. When was the last time you got three days off without pay from work for backing into a parked car in the walmart parking lot??!! Happens to LEO's everyday. And then people want to start spitting the "Im a taxpayer,and I payed for that car". Well LEO's are taxpayers too, dont forget that.

    There is a famous saying among Law Enforcement. "You can never drive fast enough for someone who needs the police, and you can never drive slow enough for someone who doesn't!"

  • starshield Mar 20, 2009

    TO TITAN. When you wrecked were you working at a job that required you to respond to emergency calls in inclimate weather. He was. You would be the same person on here complaining if the deputy was on the way to your alarm call and arrived after the thieves left because he was traveling to slow to avoid being in an accident. You would have said, well they are trained to drive in those conditions.