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Highway Patrol hosts safe driving program

Posted April 11, 2011

— The North Carolina Highway Patrol is holding "Drive to Live" programs all this week to encourage teen driver safety during prom season.

State officials held a news conference Monday at Millbrook High School in Raleigh to kick off the initiative.

"I ask you to take the time to sit down with your teen to explain the dangers of risk-taking behavior," Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety Reuben Young told attendees.

Highway Patrol Col. Michael Gilchrist said the program is designed to teach teens about the dangers of irresponsible driving and reduce the number of deaths.

The Highway Patrol has investigated traffic accidents that caused the deaths of 276 teens in the past four years.

On Sunday, a 16-year-old Leesville Road High School student lost control of the minivan he was driving, crashed into trees and died. Raleigh police said Saleh Jamal Abdullah was speeding and wasn't wearing a seat belt.

Troopers will be conducting traffic safety education programs at high schools around the state and will be around schools to enforce all traffic laws.


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  • timbo10.0 Apr 12, 2011

    "Want to make a difference with the kids, start trying and convicting them in court for their vehicular misdeeds and not allow traffic school to reduce/eliminate the charges. "

    Maybe you haven't paid attention: by then it's too late.

  • cbengle1 Apr 11, 2011

    Whatever happened to Driver's Education? When I took it I was made to learn the rules, the consequences of not obeying them and I was actually taught how to drive!

  • My3centsworth Apr 11, 2011

    SHP, good intentions, wasted effort. Want to make a difference with the kids, start trying and convicting them in court for their vehicular misdeeds and not allow traffic school to reduce/eliminate the charges. Someway make the parents partially responsible; I have seen way too many parents either condone or make excuses for their kids violations. After half a high school's kids lose their driver's license then others will start catching on. Having Mommie and/or Daddy take their 17-18 to school is embarrassing and will have an impact on others. How do I know what I am talking about???I sometime instruct in traffic schools and see and hear the kids joke about their violations and how some attorney will get them out of it after the school. Almost forgot, some District Attorneys need to grow a back bone and prosecute those cases and not bargain them away, they are not doing anyone a favor, not the general motoring public and especially the kids who have just had their lax opinions of the

  • 426X3 Apr 11, 2011

    I have an idea to limit teen stupidity behind the wheel, take away there cell phones.

  • ThePhwner Apr 11, 2011

    Agree that driver's ed should come back - if not in the schools, then perhaps how Ohio does it - require a private driver's ed class if the kid wants a license before they turn 18. You can see the lack of education in the NC native driving style - don't know how to merge on to an interstate, don't understand passing zones on 2-lane roads, etc. My HS did not offer driver's ed and I had to spend 16 hours in a classroom and 8 more hours in an instructor-led car before I could take my test. Something like this would really help educate new drivers on how to safely operate a vehicle, especially in a crowded area like the Triangle.

  • jbco Apr 11, 2011

    Good point. Putting them behind the wheel is very helpful. There is a class at JCC in Smithfield that does just that for teen drivers every month.

    Law enforcement can help but where is the PARENT initiative?! How about not giving your teen that high powered mustang? Or that old car with no airbags? How about taking away the car when they get a ticket or get caught breaking the rules of your house. I am sure the parents who care enough to read this article are not the problem. But too many parents make excuses for their kid when they get a ticket or figure they should just "relax" when they are uptight about car rules. Ask a parent who has lost a child in an MV wreck how much they wished they could enforce those rules on their child. Don't be a friend. Be a PARENT. And don't let law enforcement and the courts do your job for you. Take some responsibility!

  • justamom Apr 11, 2011

    This is another great effort by law enforcement to "educate" our kids about the dangers of inexperienced driving. I have worked with kids, taught them, tutored them, mentored them, prayed for them and buried them. Sometimes it was their fault - sometimes just a freak accident, but it always rips out my heart. All the initiatives and programs and talking and mock exercises are not gonna change things. Unfortunately it is a trait of youth to feel like it "can't happen to me." I read an article from 1943 in an old Princeton paper. The same issue was plaguing the teens then as it is now and the state police were revving up their education plan. Yes, we need to educate but we also need funds for more hours behind the wheel with an instructor. Let the instructor take them to SHP course in Garner and show them what IT FEELS LIKE to nearly crash. More hours, more experience. Keep up the good work SHP, if we save one, we have one less heartache and one less burial to attend.

  • cwood3 Apr 11, 2011

    AF Flight nurse-good post. I assume you posting name reflects your career!! Thank you for what you do for ALL OF US.

    In spite of the poor press the NCHP has gotten, they are a great group of men and women. They generally do a great job.
    Imagine how they hurt when they see this stuff.

    WE all need to be more involved with these teen drivers. Scouts, church,... emphasize speed, seat belts, no phones!!

  • atp0513 Apr 11, 2011

    as many articles I've seen lately with officers being caught with DWI/DUI.. they should probably attend themselves.

  • imsosorry Apr 11, 2011

    What we need is for the kids to be held accountable for their actions ! It shouldnt matter who they know, who they are or how much money their parents have to hire a lawyer to get them out of things they get into !! Just like here in Smithfield, you see all these teenage boys with that Batten Farm Boys stickers on their trucks, all they are are a bunch of trouble makers who are going to end up hurt or hurting someone, they drive around acting crazy and have no care in the world because they think mommy and daddy can get them out of anything. Make them suffer for their actions !!