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Highly endangered lemur dies at Duke

Posted December 3, 2008

— Titus, the only golden-crowned sifaka in captivity, died Tuesday at the Duke Lemur Center.

The 25-year-old passed away after surgery for a cancerous tumor. 

Titus was the last of 10 golden-crowned sifakas that the Lemur Center imported from Madagascar in the 1980s and 1990s.

Duke established the center in 1966 as sanctuary for rare and endangered prosimian primates.


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  • Deep Thought Dec 5, 2008

    Yes, lemurs can be returned to Madagascar to become LUNCH. The Malagasy people are poorer than most Americans have ever seen. Lemurs are a source of protein and when your children are starving the endangered status of lemurs is not important.

    Call the Duke Lemur Center at 919-489-3364 and arrange for a tour of the facility. It will surprise you that most lemurs are about the size of a small beagle or big house cat. If you go mid-April to mid-October you can see some of the lemurs in outdoor enclosures that are several acres each. You can see them shimmy up trees, play with each other and hear the sound of Black & White and Red ruffed lemurs calling to each other, it is a sound you will never forget.

    Titus was a very special lemur. The Lemur Center used to have Romeo who was also the only one of his species (Diademed Sifaka) in captivity. If you watch Zoobomafoo on PBS, the star is Jovian, a Coquerel's sifaka that lives at Duke. Give yourself & your family a treat.

  • toffton Dec 4, 2008

    Duke's Primate Center is one of the best facilities in the country.


    These are probably the same doctors that put the wrong blood type organs in the Mexican girl. Or its the ones that used oil to sanitize surgical tools!

  • morgs Dec 4, 2008

    Wonder why they didn't take him to State Vet Med . . .

  • didisaythat Dec 4, 2008


    Is it open minded to criticize a person about the way he/she writes? I don't think so. To make fun of someone because they do not have as good of a grasp of the English language as you do is not very nice. ;p.. This comment was all in jest because I am a Carolina fan

  • MillerB Dec 4, 2008

    Duke can't transplant the correct organs or sterilize equipment in the correct fluids. What makes them think they could save an endangered species?

  • nan3789 Dec 4, 2008

    Why did they let them die out? Couldn't they breed in captivity? If not, they would have been off left to reproduce and live on in their native land, free.

    Realy? We "let" them die? We didnt "let" them die, we are the reason they died.

  • nan3789 Dec 4, 2008

    Native land? Haha, the human race is turning native lands into condos, theres to room for lemurs when someone can make a buck off some new land. Its funny how a species needs to die close to us for us to realize whats going on, roughly every 20 minutes another species dies out. With the human population in the exponential growth curve that its in, soon the earths carrying capacity will barley be able to hold humans, much less the other wonderful creatures.

  • Cricket at the lake Dec 4, 2008

    Why did they let them die out? Couldn't they breed in captivity? If not, they would have been off left to reproduce and live on in their native land, free.

  • MadBiker Dec 4, 2008

    Pining at the premature passing of this prosimian primate.