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High Point girl found, safe

Posted August 30, 2013

— High Point police canceled an Amber Alert just before 9:30 a.m. Friday, saying only that Shylin Olanda Neal, 1, was found and is safe.

Authorities issued the alert around 1 a.m. after learning the child was asleep inside an SUV when it was stolen from a grocery store parking lot  late Thursday.

WFMY, a CBS affliate in Greensboro, reported that Shylin's godfather parked his white 2003 Chevrolet Suburban outside a Food Lion and left the girl sleeping inside while he went into the store shortly before 10 p.m. When he returned, the vehicle was gone.

Cammy Jones and Tony Neal, the girl's parents, attended a 7 a.m. media briefing at the High Point Police Department, where they pleaded for Shylin's return.

Jones told WFMY that she does not think someone was simply casing the store parking lot to steal the SUV. But she also said she is not aware of anyone who would want to harm her or her child.

"Bring her home. Drop her off somewhere safely so we can find her and get her back," Jones said.

The family offered a $1,000 reward for the girl's return.


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  • slugolicious Aug 30, 2013

    chclt4lf2002 - thanks for sharing the high point news story with more details.


    you gotta laugh that the police officer quoted in the article is captain mike kirk and later in the story it refers to him as captain kirk.

    set phasers on stun!

  • djofraleigh Aug 30, 2013

    Ronda & Phantompower have the same fear I do...something wrong about a 10pm trip to grocery store with toddler. "Godfather" isn't a relative and is sometimes a bad guy. I've yet to hear of a car thief who would keep a baby even an hour.

  • Obamacare for everyone Aug 30, 2013

    vsusu2002, by all means, type out your frustration here and I'll make sure the mods approve it.

  • Obamacare for everyone Aug 30, 2013

    "Why would anyone leave a child in a vehicle unattended?"

    Because there are plenty of dumb people all around us.

  • vsusu2002 Aug 30, 2013

    Because I get sick and tired of hearing, reading and seeing people leaving children unattendant in cars, I would type my frustration here but I'm not. All I am going to type is Thank God this child is safe.

  • shelllauren Aug 30, 2013

    I know WHY someone would do it but I hope he is charged with child endangerment/neglect as there is no excuse for putting a child in harm's way like that...

    I hope the parents think twice before leaving something as precious as that little girl with someone so obviously incompetent to actually take care of her.

  • btneast Aug 30, 2013

    Why would anyone leave a child in a vehicle unattended?

    I see it often. Usually at a convenience store.....and more often than not, with the motor running. You will see it a lot at a daycare too.

  • btneast Aug 30, 2013

    Marriage is ONLY a legal contract. That's it. A piece of a paper and a bit of bling does not make people be better parents, and parents being together or married are not always in a child's best interests.

    Yes, marriage is not a requirement to being a good parent.....however there is a little more to marriage than just a piece of paper. There are a LOT of legal issues that will rear their ugly head if you are NOT married. Property rights/probate in case of death of spouse is one. Medical issue....if your mate is hurt badly and you are not married, you cannot step in or even get information. Property settlements in case you split later.....unmarried has no rights to anything in a separation......also, being married kind of legally chains you to someone so you have to try to work through problems....its not all that easy to walk away when the going gets tough..

  • btneast Aug 30, 2013

    not trusting this story yet... Not only was this child let in the car sleep, apparently the keys left as well... I hope we're not smelling fish here.

    There's nothing fishy about that....stupid yes, but not all that unusual unfortunately. I often see a car pull up to a convenience store, driver gets out and leaves the car running with a child strapped in a car seat. Their reasoning is they can be in and out before they could get the baby unstrapped from the seat. I think some cars can actually be remotely locked and still remain running.......I would never do it. I personally know someone who came home from grocery shopping with kids asleep in their seats....she kept car running and proceeded to unload groceries. Came back out and her car was floating in the pond out front....child had woken, unsnapped harness, and popped car in drive. She swam out and got them out, but still......

  • btneast Aug 30, 2013

    My parents used to leave us kids in the car all the time...but its a different world now adays...we also had no seatbelts and use to run around the back seat while the car was moving...

    Yeah, me too. It was very common not that many years ago.