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Here to Help: Medicare enrollment

Posted March 1
Updated October 3

Here to Help: Medicare enrollment

Medicare's Open Enrollment can be a seriously confusing time, which is why WRAL hosted a call-in Tuesday afternoon to help seniors get answers.

The Open Enrollment period starts Oct. 15. That's when people currently enrolled in Medicare can change their health plan and prescription drug coverage for next year.

}Experts from the Seniors' Health Insurance Information Program took calls from 775 people during a three hour period Tuesday evening. 

Those who were unable to call in can find helpful resources at the North Carolina Department of Insurance website.


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  • Lynne Mik's Chik Mar 6, 2014
    user avatar

    The article says this is happening on March 7th, might have something to do with why the calls are not working today, March 6th.

  • jbj03367 Mar 1, 2013

    We always have access to any numbers used by WRAL and other fundraising entities when it relates to COLLECTIONS for diseases, social causes, etc.. However, we have been trying the listed Lawyer NUMBER all day long, like our colleagues stated below, but have been UNSUCCESSFUL! Please share any suggestions that you may have that will allow us to take advantage of personal helplines. We are confident that whatever procedures you use for collections will ensure successful results for personal helplines!
    Thank you,
    Seeking Lawyer Advice

  • stephkenner Mar 1, 2013

    They may be in there but they're not answering the phones. I've been trying to get through since 8:30 this morning w/no luck. Always get a busy signal.

  • gjohnston2006 Mar 1, 2013

    been trying all day but its just busy busy busy

  • gjohnston2006 Mar 1, 2013

    been trying all day and nothing but a busy signal :(

  • sweetydmh Mar 1, 2013

    The line is staying busy, I can't get through.

  • skeetcat34 Mar 1, 2013

    Please do not call the State Bar. The State Bar is different than the Bar Association, who is sponsoring this call center. The State Bar will not and does not answer legal questions or give legal advice. Do not waste your time.

  • skeetcat34 Mar 1, 2013

    PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE NC STATE BAR! The State Bar is completely different than that Bar Association. The State Bar WILL NOT AND DOES NOT give legal advice AT ALL. DO NOT waste your time.

  • beef Mar 1, 2013

    "dozens of local lawyers will be live in WRAL's studio"

    There is material for a ton of good lawyer jokes here.

  • zenonx6 Mar 1, 2013

    Can we put them to work impeaching the entire present government !!!!!