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Henderson worker falls head-first in storm drain

Posted December 5, 2013

— A city worker fell 25 feet head-first into a Henderson storm drain Thursday morning, authorities said.

The unidentified worker was trying to repair a sink hole in a storm drain near the City of Henderson Public Works building at about 9 a.m. when he fell in, authorities said.

He was pulled out of the drain, but his condition was unknown.


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  • puzzled Dec 5, 2013

    Genie v2.0
    Sometimes we make bad choices or get into wrong places or whatever and we get injured. God has never said that He would take us by the nape of the neck and treat us like a robot. If He chose to that then there would be no free will, we would just be a puppet. Diana, thank you for praying for him and please pray for blinders to be removed from some people's eyes. I am so sorry some folks cannot see the tree for the forest.

  • Huey Dec 5, 2013

    You guys beat everything, you know that?

  • jackaroe123 Dec 5, 2013

    Genie, would you have ripped into diana if she had merely said, "I hope he's okay," w/ a diatribe about how hoping doesn't get anything done, or would you have recognized an expression of goodwill for what it is?

  • happymom Dec 5, 2013

    "How is someone falling down news?? Anyone??"

    Seriously? He fell 25 FEET on his HEAD. How is that *not* news? That fall is enough to kill someone or cause serious permanent damage on impact.

  • A person Dec 5, 2013

    How is someone falling down news?? Anyone??

  • wdprice3 Dec 5, 2013

    I agree with Genie.

  • Genie v2.0 Dec 5, 2013


    Ummm, not thinking JC is gonna protect him now, what is the point? If he was gonna help, why not prevent him from falling in the drain in the FIRST place? This way, if he survives and does well, everyone will be going "thank god, thank you for the prayers" etc. When really it was his own body and docs that saved him. Again, If JC was stepping in, he should have done so *before* it happened

  • stormwaterguy Dec 5, 2013

    ooooh...that's gotta hurt.

  • diana123 Dec 5, 2013

    poor man, i hope there is no permanent damage!
    May our Lord Jesus Christ protect him.