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Henderson police investigate attempted carjacking

Posted February 26, 2013

— A Henderson woman was robbed Sunday by a man she said also tried to take her car while she was loading groceries into the vehicle.

Henderson police have vague description of the robber, who was armed with a handgun. The incident happened about 7:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the Food Lion on North Garnett Street.

The 23-year-old woman told police she was loading her groceries when the man took her cellphone and tried to take her car.

Police said the robbery does not appear to be related to other recent carjackings in the area.


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  • jczysz Feb 27, 2013

    Unrelated??? I bet they will say that about the latest robbery and car jacking on Bear Pond Rd that you WONT hear about on the news today,that happened last night........

  • buco Feb 26, 2013

    hope he is caught soon

  • Southern Girl Feb 26, 2013

    Not related? How do they know if they don't know who did any of them?

  • ICTrue Feb 26, 2013

    They have been chasing this guy around for weeks now, multiple people have seen him. I can't beleive that they don't have a better description of the guy yet. I also find it even more hard to beleive the WRAL won't post the description that they do have. They lose more credibility as a news outlet by the day...if there is any left at all. They choose political correctness over public safety every time.

  • Relic Feb 26, 2013

    "I do think it's a bit early to say it's not related to the carjackings etc that have been happening in Henderson recently"

    The incident in this story is related to a Vance County Sheriff's Office investigation that's not related to the other REAL incidents (not the 1000 imaginary incidents that have come up on the Henderson Newspaper comments area since I heard about it). When your Police Chief, Sheriff, Mayor, etc. have to plead with people to not believe everything they read on Facebook I have to wonder about folks.

  • Relic Feb 26, 2013

    This incident was covered in today's Henderson Daily Dispatch. www.hendersondispatch.com and apparently WRAL doesn't read their press releases like they should.

  • mrswhitelady Feb 26, 2013

    Crustyhalo.........you and others can post your opinion but know that when you post your opinion that you know your facts as well and don't be a Badger when doing so. Cause we don't know if she was on her phone or not and we don't know if it's gang related or not we the citizens of Henderson don't have any clue or idea to whom is doing all of this and all I'm saying is that until you have for sure information than the law then don't post anything NEGLETIVE on here about Henderson.... Thanx Mrs.WhiteLady!!!

  • crustyhalo Feb 26, 2013


  • HANS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! JK Feb 26, 2013

    This is so funny coming from people that I really don't believe to live in Vance Co. Like myself. I feel as if Justice will be served and who ever this person or persons will be caught after while. And yes well all have to know our surrounding either if we are in Vance Co. or Wake Co or either any were for that fact . But if you don't live here in Vance Co. & nor are you goin to post anything neg. please keep it too yourself.From someone that has lived in Henderson all my LIFE!!!!!!!!!

    Crime and educational standards (referenced in that babble above) is enough to keep me from ever living there.

  • texasrig Feb 26, 2013

    Sounds like some news media outlets adhere to the "politically correct" way of reporting events, just saying...............