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Henderson officer involved in ER shooting to return to duty

Posted June 2, 2011

— The State Bureau of Investigation has cleared a Henderson police officer involved in a shooting at a hospital to return to duty, according to the police department.

Police Chief Keith Sidwell said the SBI is still wrapping up its investigation into the May 11 shooting at Maria Parham Medical Center. but the agency and Vance County District Attorney Sam Currin have approved Officer William Aiken to return to active duty.

Aiken shot the leg of a patient whom he had been guarding at the emergency room. Sidwell said that the patient, who was being involuntarily committed, struck Aiken in the head and knee and didn't respond to other attempts to subdue him, including using a stun gun and pepper spray.

"Officer Aiken acted appropriately within in the scope of his duties as a professional law enforcement officer," Sidwell said in a statement Wednesday. "All guidelines, rules and procedures were followed."

He said it's up to Currin to decide if charges will be filed against the patient.


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  • PirateGrad11 Jun 2, 2011

    mulecitybabe, that has nothing to do with what I was talking about.

  • mulecitybabe Jun 2, 2011

    Life lesson for PirateGrad:

    Many years ago in the mental hospital I had a very violent deaf patient admitted. The interpreter, a new grad, was called and she started to take the patient into a room by herself. I warned her that that was not a good idea because of the history of violence. The interpreter haughtily said "The deaf do not have a culture of violence" and took the patient into the room and closed the door. In a few minutes we heard screaming and banging. The patient had attacked the interpreter.

    Lesson learned.

  • Southern Girl Jun 2, 2011

    I am happy the SBI cleared this officer of any wrong-doings. Police put their lives on the line every single day for very little pay, and often, they get a bad rap.

    Good for you, officer Aiken. Continue to do your job that apparantly you are doing very well! Henderson should be proud to have you on the force.

  • lawncare5 Jun 2, 2011

    Good decision on the officer's part, I know he did not want to shoot, but he was put in that position. Good quick, not drawn out S B I decision.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jun 2, 2011

    Regardless of this wording junk you ALL are talking about, I'm just glad this officer was cleared to get back to work and doing what he obviously does very well. Cudos and thanks to the officer for his tough work that day.

  • PirateGrad11 Jun 2, 2011

    When the article was first published it read "shot the leg of a mental patient"...and yes, I may be a new graduate; but I know what I learned. Everybody deserves the same amount of respect--regardless of their disability.

  • BubbaDukeforPresident Jun 2, 2011

    When someone is committed, it's because of mental problems. You aren't committed to the emergency room, you're admitted. As with most PC people, common sense plays no role in their thinking.

  • Redleader2base Jun 2, 2011

    Not only is the additional wording not necessary, it would be potentially inaccurate. Not everyone involuntarily committed for psychiatric reasons suffers from a mental health disability. It could simply be an acute breakdown, suicidal ideation, or a littany of other reasons that wouldn't qualify as a mental health disorder. Mental patient stands. Thanks for the updated education on the new politically correct ooey gooey person first terminology PirateGrad11. Now welcome to the world.

  • michaelclay Jun 2, 2011

    PriateGrad11, I see nothing about a mental patient and ccs1920 what are you impressed about?

  • zippingz75 Jun 2, 2011

    We all have thr right to protect ourselves,and that includes the police,so I don't see a problem........