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Henderson man charged with stealing kitchen sink

Posted August 4, 2011

— Henderson police say that a 57-year-old man stole the kitchen sink and other metal fixtures from a rental home to sell as scrap metal.

Police said that Jimmy Wimbush, of 412 Booth St., broke into a house at 704 Arch Street on July 25 and stole $700 worth of property, including a gas heater, the kitchen and bathroom sinks, storm doors and faucets.

He planned to sell the metal to a recycling business, police said. Officers recovered the gas heater and kitchen sink.

Wimbush was charged with obtaining property by false pretenses and receiving stolen goods.


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  • braddavis Aug 5, 2011

    How is this news?

  • Southern Girl Aug 4, 2011

    Hmmmm - think it was the kitchen sink and NOTHING else in this case. Amazing!

  • bowslinger70 Aug 4, 2011

    Lead by Example: Looks like "Everything but the kitchen sink" Just went down the Drain !!! LOLOLOL

  • Lead by Example Aug 4, 2011

    "Whatever happened to....Everything, BUT the kitchen sink."

    LOL, I was thinking the same thing.

  • jkrmeme Aug 4, 2011

    Or maybe we should just bring back the old fashion chain gang and make his earn his food and cot for a change

    I agree with that...then maybe we won't have so much crime...

  • Rebelyell55 Aug 4, 2011

    He broke into a house, but not charged with burglary. He tore up part or scrap some of the property, but not charge with damage to personnel property. I don't get the charges here, but they must of had their reason.
    Maybe they didn't want him to seem to bad in prison having to tell cell mate he in for stealing a kitchen sink. Receiving stolen goods may sound better. In any case, this guy not going to prison. Time served and probation.

  • gunny462 Aug 4, 2011

    Why do people sink to that level of crime

  • sunshine1040 Aug 4, 2011

    Now maybe we will send him to prison and teach him the proper way to remove and install new sinks. Or maybe we should just bring back the old fashion chain gang and make his earn his food and cot for a change

  • YNCSW51 Aug 4, 2011

    Times are hard for some and they will resort to anything to make a quick buck instead of pounding the pavement everyday looking for some sort of work.

  • fatkatts2 Aug 4, 2011

    This stealing metal objects to sell for scrap metal seems to be catching on lately. Just recently in the local news: two brothers were arrested for stealing a daycare's van and cutting it up to sell for scrap metal. Let's hope this doesn't continue.