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Henderson couple faces identity theft charges

Posted January 30, 2012

— Federal authorities said Monday that they have charged a Henderson couple in an identity theft scheme.

Mark Anthony Davis, 41, and Lawanda Joyce Ragland, 33, were each charged with conspiring to commit offenses against the U.S., access device fraud, aggravated identity theft and 11 counts of possessing stolen mail.

Since May 2008, Davis and Ragland have stolen credit card and bank account statements, tax information and other items from people's mail to obtain Social Security numbers, birth dates, bank account numbers and other personal information, authorities said. The pair would then use the data to obtain credit cards in other people's names, authorities said.


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  • beachboater Jan 30, 2012

    It's just non-government welfare. Nobody feels that they have to work any more.

  • storchheim Jan 30, 2012

    It's a good idea to run your credit report every year. I believe the website is annualcreditreport.com, but check it out and be sure. You can get 3 FREE reports by law, one from each of the major credit reporting agencies. Run one every 4 months and you can keep current.

    Check them carefully for accounts you didn't open. Handling it quickly is key to minimizing damage and catching crooks.

  • nanasix Jan 30, 2012

    Hope they put them away quickly. Enough damage done!

  • iknowmyschnitzel Jan 30, 2012

    If I had to live in Henderson, I'd want someone else's identity (and life) as well.

  • BubbaDuke Jan 30, 2012

    It seems like Henderson has more than it's share of criminals who are preying on other's identies. Chances are they were trained by the same person. All it takes is a willingness to ignore morals and ethics....kind of like running for political office.

  • makeitright Jan 30, 2012

    my vote for Indentity Theft is the same as Rape, Murder, Kidnapping.. The purposeful act of doing it. Can't be a mistake, or an accident.. Oh, I didn't know I was taking their Indentity.. Get rid of em.

  • wanderer Jan 30, 2012

    Sorry Trabman, I guess someone who is a republican would never ever commit a crime like this. They're the salt of the earth don't you know and never do anything wrong.

    It doesn't matter who they are. Anyone who would do this to others need more than federal charges applied.

  • storchheim Jan 30, 2012

    Wonder if they were the same ones posting on Craigslist that they "need Christmas for their lil girl (you can donate to our paypal)...God bless!"

    Answering those ads is a great way to get your identity stolen...or worse.

  • bigal02282 Jan 30, 2012

    Trabman, what does a political position have to do with anything about this article? And HOW would you know their political leanings? Wait, I can answer that. I won't, because the good folks at Golo wouldn't appreciate my verbiage. But I'm sure that there are bulletin boards where they allow 3 year old children to post.

  • Scare Crow Jan 30, 2012

    in the federal justice system there is no "slap on the hand" these two better have a really good lawyer.