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Heat delays Raleigh recycling collections

Posted July 30, 2008

— Eight recycling routes and six yard-waste collection routes weren't completed Tuesday because of high temperatures, city officials said Wednesday.

Crews were finishing up the routes Wednesday morning before beginning on the normal Wednesday collections, officials said.

The following recycling routes were affected: NW 6, NW 8, NW 14, NW 15, NW 18, NW 19, NW 27 and NW 28. The following yard waste routes were affected: NW 7, NW 9, NW 10, NW 17, NW 18 and NW 26.

Residents can check the city's Web site to determine if they are on one of the affected routes.


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  • iron fist Jul 30, 2008

    wolfpacker you try picking up the trash see how long you last

  • wolfpacker93 Jul 30, 2008

    Excuses, excuses... Funny how the heat doesn't prevent everything else in the known business world from happening, including road construction, building construction, landscaping, etc. PRIVATIZATION will assure your refuse collections are handled on schedule.

  • iron fist Jul 30, 2008

    I seperate mine also. Most recycle bins have a strap to keep papers from blowing out. USE THEM. The workers are like everyone else they get hot in this heat. If I were working with them I would suggest starting before day light. Customers would complain then about not being able to get the recyling bins out in time. Can't please everyone but they could adapt.

  • colliedave Jul 30, 2008

    yesterday was hot..but couldn't the pick-up be delayed until later in the day

  • cents2save Jul 30, 2008

    Some bins are a mess with everything strewn together, when things could be grouped by category. We have separate, smaller containers for paper, cans, glass. You try doing the sanitation & recycling crews' jobs in the heat, or anytime for that matter. I appreciate their work and if the heat & humidity are tough for me, I offer them cold bottled water to help them get through the day.

  • owlady Jul 30, 2008

    Nothing new. Our neighborhood's recycling bins are not emptied when scheduled quite often...which leads to paper and cardboard blowing in the wind, creating litter....:(

  • Z Man Jul 30, 2008

    They probably played golf instead.

  • nofear Jul 30, 2008

    must be union.