HCO Innovations - Forklift Fleet Management & Warehouse Optimization

Posted November 30, 2016

HCO Innovations Raleigh forklift materials handlingHCO Innovations is a unique company headquartered in Raleigh, NC, that works with managing, streamlining and optimizing companies that use warehouses and materials handling vehicles like forklifts, truck lifts, and other related vehicles.

With fleet management services, right-sizing services, batter power and power management services, HCO will totally revamp and make more efficient companies with warehouses both large and small.

WRAL Digital Solutions WRAL Digital Solutions HCO stands for "Helping Companies Operate" and that's what HCO Innovations focuses on. They’ve helped businesses reduce their expenses, costs and expenditures by nearly 20% — on average. They can help retool your warehouse to better utilize space for speed, safety and efficiency, as well as improving personnel and workflow operations.

HCO works with state of the art telematic technology that improves workflows and material flow around warehouse and businesses of all kinds. Their in-house cost tracking software is accessible 24/7 from around the globe, and can help businesses cut their costs down exponentially.

Plus, they offer a full turnkey start-to-finish power battery management program that takes the hassle and waste of businesses having to service their own battery needs.

HCO works closely with companies to expand productivity without losing efficiency, to reduce maintenance expenses and waste,and to lower acquisition and rent/lease costs while greatly helping to improve overall fleet security, efficiency and safety.