Have You Seen This? YouTuber finds 'massive unknown creature' in the ocean

Posted June 22, 2016

THE ICY OCEAN — Something fishy has been spotted off the coast of Antarctica, and the internet is beside itself trying to figure out what it is.

In late April of this year, YouTube user wowforreeel was navigating around the globe using Google Earth when he or she stumbled on something strange — a large mass causing a 96-yard wake and what appears to be a 25-yard long tail (or something) peeking out of the icy water. The video has recently picked up some major steam with people viewing and trying to figure out what exactly they’re looking at.

Like any good conspiracy theory, the video contains ominous music, slowly revealed text and some questionable conjectures. User wowforreeel surmises that maybe what appears on screen, manifesting as a “massive disturbance in the ocean” is a rock formation, but goes on to suggest that something else is “breaking the surface.”

“No idea what this is, but it’s circulating a few places right now and when I saw it, it IMMEDIATELY made me think of a Plesiosaur fin,” the user wrote in the video description.

According to The BBC, Plesiosaurs were marine reptiles that went extinct at the same time as the dinosaurs. They have long necks and a tail with a flat tail end that looks similar to the screen grabs of the Google Earth image.

You can go to the following coordinates if you want to look and see for yourself if something strange is happening in the water: 63° 2'56.73"S 60°57'32.38"W.

People across the web are calling it a Kraken, extinct dinosaur or even the monster of Loch Ness (though that would mean Nessie had traveled a considerable distance). It’s likely none of those things, but the video does have us asking some questions. What do you think it is?


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