Have You Seen This? The cat that refuses to jaywalk

Posted September 7

SOUTH KOREA — I grew up always obeying rules.

Now, this wasn't just the standard "eat your peas" and "finish your homework by 5" type of rules. I'm talking about posted signage.

Is there a cone marked "wet floor" in the middle of the pasta aisle, even though I desperately need a box of rotini? Nope, I wouldn't venture through that probably-not-slick section of linoleum. Is that parking spot marked for 30 minutes? I start sweating around the 24-minute mark, imagining a meter maid taking down my license plate number and issuing me a ticket.

I've never been pulled over for speeding. I keep my seat belt fastened while at cruising altitude on a plane. And in the days of VHS viewing (RIP, Video Express on Harrison Boulevard), I tried to be kind and rewind.

My attitudes may have gotten a little lax in my adulthood, and I will admit that I sometimes cross the street when it's clear, even if it's not technically my turn. Most people have no qualms about doing just that when it seems safe, and not waiting for a pixelated figure to beckon them over. Well, this video might be more proof that cats are a superior species after all.

In the video taken on a South Korean street, a pawdestrian (sorry, not sorry) goes to a painted crosswalk, notices it's not time to venture to the other side of the road and waits patiently to be signaled over. The person taking the video is shocked and overjoyed at the kitten's courtesy.

Now we just need to figure out why the Korean cat crossed the road.


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