Have You Seen This? Slow mo flamethrower

Posted April 11, 2016

ENGLAND — Many of you know who the Slow Mo Guys are. They are two dudes with high-speed cameras who film stuff in slow motion. Their name is on the nose, and their videos are pretty great.

Their most recent effort involves shooting a flamethrower in super slow mo, and you need to see it to appreciate it.

Movies like "The Running Man" immortalized flamethrower's for kids in the 80's. When my older brother and I would play, which usually meant we were inventing ways to destroy one another, we'd say things like, 'Oh, you've got a knife? Well, I have a gun." That would be returned with, "You have a gun? Well, I'm wearing a bullet-proof vest." This would escalate for awhile until someone pulled out the trump card, the one thing you had to build to, and whoever got it, won: "You've got a bazooka? Well I've got a flamethrower." Game, set, match.

Regardless, because of my apparently disturbing childhood, these things mesmerize me, and this video was tailor-made for me. Watching the fireball is hauntingly beautiful and hypnotizing. It may be the sheer force and power of the flame, but something about it is truly majestic.

Watch the video and you'll see why the flamethrower was the Clyde kids' trump card.

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