Have You Seen This? How to outrun a python

Posted June 30, 2016

SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA — If monster movies have taught us anything, it’s that it rarely works to simply outrun what is chasing you, whether that’s an alien invader or a giant stone rolling menacingly through a booby-trapped tunnel.

It’s usually best to employ some sort of cunning rather than just rely on the swiftness of one’s feet to outpace an encroaching predator. Whether that’s setting a trap of one’s own or creating some kind of clever diversion, the likes of archeology professor Indiana Jones and Ellen Ripley survived their respective movies because of that very logic.

A recently uploaded YouTube video may have inadvertently provided the kryptonite to a ball python: a fleece blanket.

In the video, the python is shown shimmying as if attempting to make his or her way across the surface, only to be thwarted by its fuzzy wuzzy texture.

“He thinks he’s cruising, huh?” the person making the video asks as the other onlooker giggles at the python’s arrested progress.

So the moral of the story is: When traveling through python-infested areas, like sub-Saharan Africa, always carry a fleece blanket.


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