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Harris Teeter Super Doubles brag thread - how did you do?

Posted August 18, 2013


Let's hear it - how did you do at Super Doubles? We want to know all the details: what did you get, what did you pay, how much did you save, did your ZVR's actually process correctly, was there any drama and most importantly..... are you still feeling the euphoria of an awesome Super Doubles shop?!

Below are my totals from the shopping trip on Wednesday morning at the Hwy. 401 and TenTen Road store in the Garner area.  The customer service at that store is great and one of my favorite cashiers of all time, Ursula, was there to welcome all of us crack-o-dawn shoppers with a smile!  My thanks to Jackie as well for being so gracious with all the over-rides my transaction required!

Total before sales and coupons: $95.51

Total saved: $95.16

Total paid: 35 cents!

% saved: 99.6%

I also used a $5 Walgreens Register Reward competitor coupon which scanned just fine at the register.

In my haste to get everything put away, I forgot to take a picture of all the groceries and I was just too tired to bring it all back out again. :-)  You can see the receipt photo above.

Here are the items I purchased:

1 Febreeze Air Effects

2 Fisher Trail Mix

3 Barilla meals (good donation item!)

2 Imagine soups, 16 oz

1 Always pads

1 Tampax

1 Got2B hair product

2 American Flatbread pizzas

2 Bird's Eye Chipotle Chicken Voila meals 2 YoCrunch trail mix yogurt 4 packs

1 Secret Clinical

4 Kraft mac & cheese garlic and herb variety

1 HT cleaner with bleach

You can see all the coupons I used for each item in the main deals list at the link above.



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  • RaleighFoodBlogger Aug 20, 2013

    Oh, they also restocked the renuzit air fresheners... got 3 free.

  • RaleighFoodBlogger Aug 20, 2013

    DianeNC: It was the first day at Wakefield, but since then only chocolate milk left. They did restock the got 2 be, and plenty of visine. Got the last ester-c. Also, plenty of 3 muskateers and dove bars throughout the week. Still no oxy... I got a raincheck, but will they still super double the coupon in the future, or just allow for the sale price and regular doubling?

  • corbin04 Aug 20, 2013

    Question-i'm thinking of going to HT one more time for SD's since I've only made it once-living in Clayton doesn't it make it that convenient! I usually have started going to the Falls/Durant store-has anyone been in a day or so-just trying to see if it will be worth the drive or should I just skip and wait for Lowes in the a.m.??

  • Nanee Lion Aug 20, 2013

    Question: Went with my daughter last night for a final shop. It was late and I did not check my receipt good. This morning I find that all my coupons did not double. How do you guys check your receipts to realize before you leave the store if all the coupons came off. Trying to remember what coupons you have for what products and then counting and sometimes it is a reduced coupon price because of the original price of the food. Can you tell I am a little too tired today? It really bothers me that I lost $4.00 on coupons that did not double. HELP ME TO BECOME A BETTER KEEPER OF MY COUPONS WITH DOUBLING!

  • bsmith4 Aug 20, 2013

    DianeNC: I found (chocolate only) Promised Land milk at two different HT's over the weekend - 1010 & 401 and also the one on 55 in Holly Springs. Don't know if they still have it now but they do normally carry it. The FV store carries it also but they were totally out when I was there Friday night. All stores were out of the white but I have purchased it in the past. Good luck! If you can't find at HT, maybe Lowe's Foods carries it.

  • Kathy S. Aug 20, 2013

    Forgot also got 1 mm juice box.


  • Kathy S. Aug 20, 2013

    Finally got to HT tonight. Many things were out, but I did get 5 loaves of GF Bread ($3/each raincheck w/$5 off total at register), 1 Coffee Creamer, 6 campbell's skillet sauce, 1 HT 12pk soda, 1 pk popcorn all for $8.30. Before coupons and sales $46.50. 82% savings.


  • JLAllen Aug 19, 2013

    Free Febreeze Car Vent Clip & Mentos Gum, American Flatbread Pizza $1.50 (81% Savings), Seeds of Change Rice $0.99 (75% Savings), YoToddler Yogurt $0.89 (69% Savings), Coppertone Sunscreen $3.99 (64% Savings), Seattle's Best Coffee $2.99 (61% Savings), Purell Hand Sanitizer $1.69 (54% Savings), Gal Organic Milk $3.97 (good price)... can you tell I have a young child? :)

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Aug 19, 2013

    jdouglas and msgooch - maybe we can publish a guideline on creative ways to get to the very last package way in the back on the grocery store shelves....complete with photos of all of you in action, of course! lol

  • jdouglas13 Aug 19, 2013

    Msgooch, I'm LOL at your hunt for the premium rounds and the people looking at you. I've been there myself, usually digging for canned tomatoes. However, I can only get down on one knee since the other one isn't weight bearing andden't bend much, so I usually have my but* in the air, and am using the handle of my cane to dig out the cans. Quite an attractive sight! hahahaha