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Harris Teeter Super Doubles brag thread!

Posted October 21, 2014

Faye's Super Doubles purchases



Here it is - the place to share your awesome receipt totals, crazy shopping stories and everything else related to this Harris Teeter Super Doubles event!

To read the receipt totals and comments from everyone else, click the Comments conversation bubble at the top right of this post.  For the full list of Super Doubles deals, click the link above. 

Good luck everyone and have fun!

I shopped Harris Teeter on Wedneday morning at 7:30 am. By then, the early morning rush was gone and there was hardly a line at check-out. Surprisingly, I was able to find everything I wanted except one item.

You can see the products I bought in the photo above. I used a manufacturer's coupon for each item and many of the items also had HT ZVR digital coupons ($12 worth total).  I actually had a negative balance because of 2 ZVR's that came off that I was not expecting so I had to buy a pack of gum to get back in to the positive.

I am especially excited because this shop included pricey items like veggie burgers, Al Fresco chicken sausage, Playtex and multiple hair care products. Thank you Harris Teeter!

Here are my totals:

Subtotal before sales and coupons: $90.22

Saved: $89.58

Total paid: 64 cents!




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  • dianelucasrat Oct 22, 2014

    I made 5 trips to HT during this Super Doubles --OOP $114.21 Purchased $511.92 Overall savings 78% Not to bad. I did notice a couple of the ZVR's did not come off, ad several of my coupons did not double, or did a weird double. Example: I purchase 2 sierra mist $1.25 each and my coupon was $1 off 2 the coupon scanned as $1 & .25 off. No big deal. I will say HT in Wilson was out of a lot of the free items. All in all I'm not complaining did get a lot of food items. I am well stocked on cleaning & personal care items.

  • TJ84 Oct 21, 2014

    At the Sunset Lake HT a manager had to be called over because one of my ZVR's didn't come off. He made a point of telling me that ZVR's were going away. I told him I knew that and asked him if HT was still going to double coupons and he said yes they were but they would not have ZVR's anymore. I went to HT every day during this event and used 20 coupons every day except for today I used 19. I don't know that I have ever done that but felt like this was the last one and should get what I could. Faye thank you for all your help and lists that you provide that let us save so much. I really appreciate it and I hope Harris Teeter does continue doubling coupons on a regular basis and super doubles periodically. I will say that the customer service at 401 and 1010 has been outstanding this go around. Thanks again!

  • readingtou Oct 21, 2014

    Was able to get 3 VS shampoos, 1 Suave professional shampoo, 1 Colgate optic white, and 1 Colgate total mouthwash all free at the Wilson store today. Still never got the Tide, Bayer, or McCormick cinnamon but did well overall in 4 trips.

  • swbjfb Oct 21, 2014

    I was told this morning at HT in Wilson there would not be anymore SD this year, she did not say anything about next year. hope that is right. Made five trips to SD spent $432.67 OOP$101.13. Did not get a lot of free products, but I am very pleased with what I purchased. As always thank you Faye for all the work and time you take to help us save money.

  • Dr D Oct 21, 2014

    Very sad indeed if this was the last Super Doubles event at HT, but it really was nice while we had such events available to us, and most of the country did not. We all know how helpful these events have been for our family budgets, and I'll be thanking HT while noting how much the events will be missed if they end.

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Oct 21, 2014

    vogelkb - as long as the coupon did not say "redeemable ONLY at Walmart" he should have treated it like any other manufacturer's coupon. If it scanned with no problem, but did not double automatically, he should have doubled it. Unfortunately, some managers do not know the policy or are just not as coupon friendly as others. You can always contact customer service for HT and let them know about your experience.

  • vogelkb Oct 21, 2014

    Faye, I had something weird happen this week. I had a manufacturer's coupon (said redeemable at Walmart) that I printed off of coupons.com. It had a face value of $2 and didn't have a DND or No Doubling written on it. However, when scanned it didn't double and the manager refused to double it (even though it was a manufacturer's). He said since it had "walmart" on it that he would accept it at face value, but not double it. It seemed like his personal choice and not HT policy, but he was the manager on duty so I couldn't do anything. Strange. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • RaleighFoodBlogger Oct 21, 2014

    Faye- ugggh. I'm not surprised either, but I will send an e-mail. Not sure how they will make it as their everyday prices are crazy high (I compare often to Food Lion- even organic stuff). Hoping Publix will come in and save the day... and yes, until one opens in N. Raleigh, I will still occasionally frequent the new one coming in Cary!

  • kw00634 Oct 21, 2014

    I can't say that I am surprised .... first the ZVR's and now this. My guess is double coupons will go next and then HT will look just like Kroger. Gasp!!! I have already taken your suggestion and emailed them. Ok guys ... let's make some noise!!!!

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Oct 21, 2014

    FYI - I have heard from 2 different HT management sources in the last 2 weeks that this is the last Super Doubles event at HT. It is NOT confirmed by corporate, but I thought you should know what I am hearing. This may be a good time to give HT a call on the customer service # or send them an e-mail to let them know how much you appreciate this event and that you hope that they continue to offer it.

    RealStory - I have found that cashiers at most HT's will scan all the coupons and let DND's double that automatically do so when scanned. But if one does not double and it indicates DND on the coupon, they will not override that and allow it to double. They are not allowed to do that.

    Thanks again to all who have shared their awesome totals! Good luck on the last day of this Super Doubles event!!