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Harris Teeter & Lowes Foods weekend specials!

Posted January 4, 2013



Both Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods usually have some weekend specials for their e-Vic and Fresh Rewards members. Check your Friday e-mails from both stores to see the deals you received and then share them here.

What deals did you get this week?

Remember, the deals we receive on Fridays are different for each person and you may have totally different deals than those I receive. Check your Friday e-mails from both grocery stores to see the specific deals that are loaded to your reward cards. If you don't already receive the e-mails from these stores, you can sign up online at both company websites or call the customer service number on your rewards card:

Harris Teeter website

Lowes Foods website





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  • Nancy Jan 5, 2013

    Thomas, I missed this part of your post when I initially responded. You wrote: "Consumers must be told in ADVANCE which coupons will not double at the register. "

    No, that's your job as the consumer. Their job is to scan your coupon and the computer does the work.

    Couponing takes time and keeping up with manufacturer coupon lingo and what a coupon will and will not do at various retailers.

    In time and with some patience, you can begin to know by looking at each coupon which will double and WHY it will and which will not and WHY it won't.

    Don't give up! Couponing, especially at HT can save you a fortune if you work with the manufacturer's coupon stipulations and the policy at the store :)

  • Nancy Jan 5, 2013

    thomas, sometimes the coupons are coded to not double and HT will scan any coupon, if it does not double and it should, you need to question it.

    The "old" style bar code on coupons began with either a "5" or a "9" and the "9" variety will not double and HT won't double those.

    The new bar code on coupons don't have any such number designation so you have to read the fine print on the coupon to see if "do not double" is designated for that coupon, and if that's the case, HT's computers will not double it.

    Couponing is somewhat of an art, you really have to know all the possibilities and know in advance what you have or do not have then watch to make sure no mistakes are made.

    I've found HT to be the absolute best with their coupon policy and accuracy of what is programmed into their computer systems.

  • bonnie1967 Jan 5, 2013

    Faye, I shop at the HT on Falls of the Neuse. I will shop in the early morning before I head to work or I go right after I get out of the gym. My fav casher is Judi she is alway friendly and is willing to help you in any way. I do bring in my coupons the one that I will be using and if I do not catch that this one need to be double she will see check that one for me. So Thomas you need to give our HT a another shot. They are best in customer service & many of the cashier are great.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 5, 2013

    And thomas, it seems that you have not been shopping at Harris Teeter with coupons for very long. As others have said, they really are one of the most coupon friendly stores ever. And their customer service is exceptional. Registers are not perfect and they don't always read coupons correctly. That's why it is up to you to take an active role in making sure everything scanned correctly. If not, HT will make it right. I suggest you give them another try and pay close attention at the register and read the coupons to see if they indicate Do Not Double. The coupon deals at HT are so much better than most deals at other grocers (especially those that do not double) that you would really be missing out on serious savings if you let this one shopping trip keep you from returning. All we are saying....is give HT a chance. :-)

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Jan 5, 2013

    thomas - if a coupon does not double the way you expect it to, simply ask the cashier to correct it at the register. That's why couponers always watch the screen as their coupons are being scanned. If the coupon indicated DND or Do Not Double, it may not double and that's perfectly reasonable as it is stated on the coupon. If a coupon does not process the way you expect it to, than nicely ask the cashier to return the item and let her know you will not be purchasing it today. There is no "rip-off" involved as you can see from all the people posting their amazing totals in the HT Super Doubles brag thread started on Wednesday. If you are diligent about watching the register, you can catch any issues then and there and not have to go to customer service to fix them. Consumers are told in advance which coupons will double - it's those that do not indicate Do Not Double. Some of the DND coupons will in fact double but you certainly cannot expect them to. It's an added bonus if they do.

  • DianeNC Jan 5, 2013

    ssemicolony - you get Red Plum coupons in the mail? Is that a regional thing?

    thomas3255 - as others have mentioned, in addition to some coupons stating right on them "Do Not Double," there are also other instances where it's against their policy to double them (for example, if by doubling the coupon it exceeds the price of the item/s). They've been having problems with their ZVR system recently, so it's always good to check to make sure any ZVRs you may have saved to your card came off as well. (Bringing a print-out with you not only helps you remember which ones you saved, but makes it easier for Customer Service to reimburse you for any that did not come off.)

  • scoutmomof2 Jan 5, 2013

    I always check mine before I leave the store, HT has some of the nicest staff members. Today one ZVR didn't come off and they gave me the money for it right away.

  • MatrixEscapee Jan 5, 2013

    Thomas... It happens all the time and why it pays to go to the store with a list of what items "should" cost and "not leave if total is not right"... Some coupons will not double, so read the fine print carefully... Go to the store prepared by going to the HT Express Lane online and verifying prices and the coupons you have. If all else fails either ask the cashier to get a Manager or go to the Customer Service Desk with the receipt before you leave the store and have them review your purchases.

  • creationstation3 Jan 5, 2013

    I love HT and SDs are my favorite weeks to shop. My HT is always happy to help me if any of my coupons do not double for some reason. I had a coupon that did not double and my customer service tried to figure out which one so they could refund my $. When we couldn't figure out what happened, she gave me $1.50 (which was the highest coupon value I had that day). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my HT and the employees who always make it so easy for me to save money. I am sorry you had such a hard time, thomas3255.

  • thomas3255 Jan 5, 2013

    BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! Harris Teeter is not what it is cracked up to be with the super double rip-off. I turned in 6 coupons and only 4 doubled. One $2.00 and one $1.00 did not double. These were regular coupons cut from newspaper inserts. I did not notice this until I left. All doubles were far less than the price of the product. I am forwarding a complaint to HT corporate about this. Consumers must be told in ADVANCE which coupons will not double at the register. I would not have bought the products without the double coupon savings. What a rip-off and anti-consumer policy!!