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Man killed in Harnett County hit-and-run crash

Posted May 27, 2013
Updated May 28, 2013

— A man was killed Sunday night in a hit-and-run crash on Ponderosa Road in Harnett County.

According to investigators David Schultz, 38, of Sanford, was walking in the middle of Ponderosa Road, north of Highway 27, when he was struck by a vehicle. 

Investigators say Schultz was not only hit, but was stuck under the vehicle and dragged several feet before being left to die in the road. Investigators questioned an 18-year-old man late Monday about the incident, but no arrests have been made. 

Troopers say there were no witnesses and that they believe alcohol played a role in the crash. 

Shirley Becker, Schultz's girlfriend, said he was at a gathering at her house Saturday night when he had too much to drink and got out of control. Becker said she called the sheriff. 

Shirley Becker Alcohol likely played role in fatal Harnett hit-and-run

"I asked them the first time they came, 'Can you please take him into custody where he is going to be safe?' They said, 'No, we can't do that because he has not done anything wrong,'" Becker said. 

She says Schultz left the party after a second visit from deputies. He was walking in the middle of the road when he was hit. 

"How are you going to live with yourself knowing that you pretty much brutally murdered somebody?" said Becker, adding that she also blames the sheriff for not taking Schultz into custody. 

Troopers asked that anyone with information about this crash call the North Carolina State Highway Patrol at 800-334-7411 or 910-893-5704.


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  • Eth82 May 28, 2013

    The girlfriend is putting the blame on everyone except for the one who made his own choice to drink, got too drunk and walked down the road. He made his own choice to pick up that first bottle and it just went from there.

  • floridagatoreater May 28, 2013

    For some reason I always thought that if you got hit by a car - you would go flying through the air away from the vehicle that hit you. Was the man already lying on the road before he got hit?

  • floridagatoreater May 28, 2013

    County Girlz - I hope not especially after having called police to remove him not once but twice!

  • Country Girlz Have MORE fun May 28, 2013

    If someone leave your house drinking, does that make you reponsible for them if you supplied alcohol or party environment ?

  • Fx432 May 28, 2013

    Everybody else's fault but his own. Amazing... I bet, to go under a vehicle as opposed to be thrown when a person is hit, he was laying down at the time.

  • floridagatoreater May 28, 2013

    You can't blame the law if the man did not wrong other than being drunk with friends, however if he was that drunk and his girl friend and friends were that concerned about him - why didn't they carry him home instead of letting him walk down the middle of road in the dark in the middle of no where? But then again - pull the man's records up - looks like this is not the first run in with the law. Looks like he had several court dates in the future also.

  • LEO 101 May 28, 2013

    This is so sad, but you can't blame the law enforcement for not taken him into custody just because he had to much to drink and did not break any laws, if you did then you would violate his civil rights. If she was that worried then she should had taken him somewhere herself or one of his friends. Prayers to the family