Continuing Education--Always Learning The Law

Posted August 2, 2013
Updated August 8, 2013

Most law students eagerly anticipate passing the bar, assuming that the intense period of studying will be over. But as attorneys soon find out, learning about the law is an ongoing process.

At the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood, attorneys invest in a variety of continuing education classes every year.

Each year, new laws are introduced at the federal and state level. Understanding the intricacies of those laws and how they affect clients can be the difference between winning and losing a case. Recently, for example, the North Carolina General Assembly revised the standards regarding expert testimony in cases. Imagine if an attorney was not aware of these changes. His or her lack of knowledge or preparation could cause critical testimony to be dismissed. In another example, our state recently enacted a law limiting the damages a client can pursue. Being aware of this change and understanding how to best approach and negotiate these changes is essential in offering clients the best representation.

Not only are new laws put on the books, new interpretations of cases and rulings mean the law is constantly evolving, so it is critical for attorneys to stay updated.

The North Carolina State Bar requires attorneys to complete a certain number of continuing legal education courses every year. The NC Advocates for Justice is an excellent source of courses offered to attorneys. From explaining the nuances of new laws to offering trial tips to detailing new ways to win DWI trials, the courses provide valuable knowledge for attorneys at every stage of their career.

Even though the the State Bar requires attorneys take a specified number of classes periodically, at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood, we encourage our attorneys to take even more. We appreciate the advantages continued education offers and know that the more knowledge our attorneys have, the better they can represent our clients. Not only do we take classes, we also teach them. Attorney Hardison Wood has been selected to instruct several continuing legal education courses. His ability to understand, interpret and communicate legalese has earned him the respect of the attorney community, and he enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge.

If you need an attorney who combines an outstanding and thorough knowledge of the law--new and old-- along with the commitment to representing you well, contact the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood for more information.

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