When Do You Need a Lawyer?

Posted October 1, 2013

Do you have a good lawyer? Many people don't have one at all, only to find themselves searching desperately for one in an emergency.

Through many life events, you probably won't need a lawyer. Legal books and software provide guidance for many issues. Other professionals, such as accountants or physicians can also provide counseling. But there are certain times when you should consult with an attorney.

Consider getting stopped for a traffic violation. You may be facing a license suspension or points on your license. If the speed was excessively high, if the driver is a young, or if the driver was going through a school zone, it's a more serious charge. An experienced attorney can help you achieve the best outcome, with an eye on minimizing long-term penalties.

Suppose you're injured in a car accident, particularly one that wasn't your fault. Getting compensation for your injuries can be difficult when dealing with insurance companies who complicate the process. An attorney brings a depth of understanding of your legal rights that improves your likelihood of getting justice.

Business owners have to navigate legal processes all of the time. From buying or selling a business, handling employee issues, contract disputes, confidentiality agreements and collections, business owners need to know what their responsibilities and rights are. Some of these issues can be anticipated, but others can occur without warning. An attorney can help these owners set a firm legal foundation that will protect them in subsequent years.

Clients often seek our advice to ensure they're not being taken advantage of. They want to make sure they'll get compensated fairly or that they won't get too harshly penalized. At the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood, we are well versed in federal and state law, and have the knowledge and resources to investigate your situation, as well as current and past cases that may be relevant. We know how to use this information to represent your best interests. Certainly, you could take on this task yourself, but many clients find that it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. 

Sometimes it is hard to anticipate having a legal issue, but if you are suddenly served with papers or are in an accident, it brings peace of mind to know that you have experts on your side.

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