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Happy Labor Day! Are you working?

Posted September 7, 2015

BBQ time!

Wishing you all a Happy Labor Day today! I hope you get to spend it with family and friends and a frugal feast.

What's on your Labor Day Menu?

If you have to work today, thank you for all you do!

Feel free to post the type of work you do that requires that you to be there today.


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  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Sep 7, 2015

    swynn406 - that is very cool of you to work during times of heavy travel. I hope you can enjoy some time off this evening.

  • Pepper2 Sep 7, 2015

    Happy Labor Day and to all of you who worked today so others could enjoy time off THANKS!!!
    You are appreciated!!!

  • swynn406 Sep 7, 2015

    I work in a call center that provides travel services, insurance, roadside assistance and other things. I work the Holiday so all those traveling have peace of mind on the road. Have a safe Labor Day!

  • Nanee Lion Sep 7, 2015

    We had burgers on the grill, finished before it rained, potato chips and baked beans. Sooooooooooooooooogood!

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Sep 7, 2015

    senglish27529 - That's awesome on the time and a half! And that is really nice of your husband to work so someone else could have the day off.

  • senglish27529 Sep 7, 2015

    DH is working a full day today (retail) so that someone else could have the day off. Nice guy!

    I chose to work some today, the "work at home" portion of my part-time retirement job. AND I got 1 1/2 time for working today! :-)


  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Sep 7, 2015

    jdouglas13 - every once in a while I make them for the ground beef lovers. I don't eat them, but I do serve them. lol I think that picture was from Memorial Day weekend.

    keeprightexcepttopass - I hope today is peaceful at work! As a medical person on the smart shopper FB page posted today: "Diseases don't take a holiday and neither do we."

    barbiedoll1967 - I bet he will love the lack of traffic on the roads today. I got to work 20 minutes earlier than normal this morning. I-40 was like a ghost town. It was fabulous.

    kellypsnll - I bet it is a long day at work. Hopefully you are halfway done with it by now.

    raesmom1612 - How nice that you are both off at the same time! Enjoy your time together and get some rest.

  • jdouglas13 Sep 7, 2015

    Happy Labor Day everyone!

    Faye, what a great pic of your Labor Day feast, but it includes something I thought I'd never see on your table -- are those burgers??

  • raesmom1612 Sep 7, 2015

    Thankfully I'm off today, and so is DH! Although once I get back to work tomorrow I will be so backed up that it will take about 3 days to catch up :/

  • kellypsnll Sep 7, 2015

    I work at an auto parts store. We re open in the event someone breaks down and needs something for them to get where they need to go. It is a long day.😌