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Hammer-wielding woman sought in Fayetteville hold-ups

Posted July 10, 2013

— Fayetteville police are looking for a woman who's suspected of robbing or trying to rob four local businesses with a hammer, and they hope a surveillance image from one of the crimes will help them find her.

In one case, investigators said, she told a clerk at a Family Dollar store, "I'm sorry," as she fled from the scene.

Police say the first robbery happened at Payless Shoe Source, at 3725 Ramsey St., at 6:51 p.m. Friday. The Family Dollar, at 3436 Bragg Blvd., was robbed Sunday just before 9 p.m., and Burger King, at 2820 Bragg Blvd., was robbed around 6:45 a.m. Monday. On Tuesday night, at 9:21 p.m., a Family Dollar, at 4112 Raeford Road, was robbed.

The woman was described as being around 40 years old with blond hair, a thin build and standing about 5 feet 6 inches tall.

In all but the first of the crimes, she was wearing a black or dark helmet with a clear face shield. She was wearing sunglasses in the Burger King attempted robbery and fled from the restaurant on a black moped, police said.

Anyone with information about the woman or the robberies is asked to contact the Fayetteville Police Department, at 910-433-1856, or Crime Stoppers, at 910-483-8477.


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  • richjames151 Jul 10, 2013

    I like the Moped part, plus, unless the state starts making these people buy insurance and license tags for these mopeds, there's no way to trace these Moped thieves by license number, I predict a lot more Moped robberies in the future, lol, lol, by the way, mopeds are the best way to deliver illegal drugs, at least it is in my area, cops never suspect them, plus a lot of moped drivers are DWI or DUI felons or don't have a valid drivers license, maybe we all should buy one....

  • SFSOLDIER Jul 10, 2013

    That's a new twist on robbery...a hammer? Geez, she could hurt someone with that thing.

  • Barfly Jul 10, 2013

    Thor called, he wants you to come home.

  • Obamacare rules Jul 10, 2013

    "She's too smart, blending in like that. The police will never catch her!"

    Unless of course the moped was stolen and it was actually a man wearing a blonde wig.

  • livinonfaith Jul 10, 2013

    40 year old blonde woman who fled on a black moped.

    Well, golly gee, there must be tens of millio.....umm no, that's not right. Well, maybe tens of thous.....er, wait, that may be a little exaggerated. Umm, tens of.....? Oh, Heck! There must be ten people matching this description in the surrounding area!

    She's too smart, blending in like that. The police will never catch her!

  • Obamacare rules Jul 10, 2013

    Stop....hammer time?

  • Just another bad guy Jul 10, 2013

    a hammer? really? The cops are going to nail her.

  • bpegram Jul 10, 2013

    Start by reviewing the last twelve months of DUI arrest photos within the Fayetteville area. It will probably be one of the drunk blonds.