Hagan comes out swinging against Tillis

Posted May 28, 2014

— U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan spent much of the primary season on the defensive, as both Republican candidates and outside groups attacked her for her support of the Affordable Care Act.

A super PAC associated with U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid aired ads in recent months pounding away at state House Speaker Thom Tillis – even before he captured the May 6 primary – to bolster Hagan, but she remained relatively quiet.

That changed Tuesday night, when Hagan teed off on her challenger during a stop in Raleigh.

Speaking at the annual Green Tie Awards dinner of the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters, Hagan criticized Tillis on the issue of climate change and the "special interest agenda" he has advanced in the legislature.

"Unlike my opponent Thom Tillis, who flatly denies the existence of climate change, I know the EPA’s ability to responsibly regulate greenhouse gas emissions is key to protecting our environment for future generations,” Hagan said.

Campaign spokesman Jordan Shaw said Tillis recognizes that climate changes over time, but those fluctuations shouldn't be used to enact regulations that stifle the U.S. economy.

"Whether it's job-killing regulations from the EPA, refusing to expand energy exploration that would create jobs and reduce energy costs or cap-and-trade policies that damage job creation efforts, the Hagan/Reid/Obama energy agenda is bad for America," Shaw wrote in an email.

Hagan went through a litany of legislation passed by the General Assembly on Tillis' watch, including cuts to unemployment benefits, a refusal to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, tax reforms that favor the wealthy and cuts to education spending.

"In Raleigh, my opponent rammed through a special interest agenda with the wrong priorities that hurt North Carolina families and violated our shared values,” she said. "I tell you, when you see what this current legislature has done, I think it is really scary.”

Shaw said Tillis "has worked to create opportunities for North Carolina middle-class families and small businesses," citing the decline in the state's unemployment rate in recent months.

"Kay Hagan has been doing everything she can to avoid talking about her partisan record of voting with President Obama 95 percent of the time," Shaw wrote in an email.

Hagan said she stands by her vote for the Affordable Care Act, adding that it needs to be amended to fix documented problems, not repealed.

"He wants to repeal this bill," she said of Tillis, "which would take us back to a time that, if you had a pre-existing condition, you are out of luck as far as getting individual health care coverage. Seniors would be paying more for prescription drugs than they are today, and women would automatically be paying more than men."


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  • Linzie Washington May 29, 2014
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    Even if there was global warming, anything that the federal government did would not change anything and would just cost taxpayers more money.
    This is not a priority. What is a priority is keeping the people who have botched the VA from running the healthcare of the nation.

  • Joe Crain May 29, 2014
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    However, when she is at an even for conservation minded constituents, then I think she's having the right discussion.

  • Kenny Dunn May 29, 2014
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    Sadly, it will likely speak to the influence of outside money in politics.

  • zonk May 29, 2014

    All Tillis has done is preside over one of the best Assemblies in years. One that has gotten things done and improved the overall health and well being of our State ! It was a heck of a climb from the mire our State was in but we are climbing out !

  • Lightfoot3 May 29, 2014

    I'm voting for whoever runs the least negative ads. :)

  • archmaker May 29, 2014

    do some research people.
    first, Obama doesn't vote anymore so Hagan can't "vote with President Obama 95% of the time."

    Hagan votes with her party 83% of the time making her #48 of 53 democrats who vote along party lines. Looking at the voting records of all 100 senators, that puts he squarely in the middle as a moderate.

    In contrast, Richard Burr votes 94.9% with his party, putting him #1 of the 45 republican senators. That's right, he votes more often with the republican party than Mitch McConnell (#14), Ted Cruz (#33), Rand Paul (#35), Lindsey Graham (#41), or Marco Rubio (#42).

    If they can't even be relied upon to tell you how she votes, what other information will they lie about?

  • Jeremy Gilchrist May 29, 2014
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    We have the technology for solar roadways. We can definitely do better than the mid 20th century thinking of the NC GOP on energy and environmental issues.

  • Super Hans May 29, 2014

    Tillis goes DOWN for the count!

    Oooh, that's gotta hurt!

  • goldenosprey May 29, 2014

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    Because my wife was only able to afford important surgery because her pre-existing condition was covered, my family will not vote for anyone who wants to repeal ACA.

    I thought unemployment was DOWN! That's what all those AFP commercials say. You are also wrong about the deficit. Despite Bush blowing it up and leaving us with no revenue, Obama has turned that around and the deficit is going down, just like it did with Clinton.

    If you want to put boots in Syria, Libya or Ukraine, you go ahead. The People are sick of interventionist wars. Bush/Cheney cost us vital international goodwill.

    These "scandals" are nothing but ginned up artifices produced by phony outrage on Fox News. Even at worst, they are nothing compared to lying us into the Iraq war and Iran-Contra.
    Lastly, I would rather vote 95% of the time with Reid than 100% of the time with ALEC.

  • Jeremy Gilchrist May 29, 2014
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    LOL so Capitalism trumps a habitable world. Ok Tillis I understand now. Just remember you can eat, breathe, or drink money. Our shortsighted nature will be our downfall.