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Habitual felon sentenced to life in prison

Posted February 18, 2011

— A Wake County judge on Friday sentenced a convicted felon to life in prison without parole.

Xavier Hosea Shaw was found guilty earlier in the day of robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Those charges were upgraded to a habitual felon status. He is now considered a violent habitual felon. 

Raleigh police arrested Shaw in July, 10 days after he escaped from a prison work crew building an addition to a correctional facility in Alexander County.

At the time, Shaw was serving time for kidnapping and robbery convictions.


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  • the people Feb 18, 2011

    Dr.Cook will get less than 5 years and or PJC!!!!!! Watch ,now this poor ole criminal just because he is without a cool job ,get's life ..Just saying crime /punishment should be a meeting of justice not how much cash,or connections you got like PJC in DRUG case for Sheriff of Wake girls case..PJC try to get PJC for misdemeanor just listen to what they ,DA say's to you record it and play it over and over you will be amazed...Cook will get off based on his charges!!!!!! Compared to this poor ole dude and I think he never hurt nobody ,just threats,or maybe he did petty felonies and death cases should be handled more severly...But ,I don't think it is always decided like that..People got to realize MONEY get's you walking paper's....Cook will get cool sentence,for his crime !!!!!! Watch this close!!!!! Question should be:were you driving??? Did you hit the car??? Did you kill someone??Did you drive like you stole it? did you blow .24 on the instrument????? Did you or did you not??? And

  • Malatesting123 Feb 18, 2011

    Throwing people in a dungeon (prison today) for life is brutal and inhumane. Parole is important. Remember, it need not be granted, but the opportunity must be there. (cue the "would you say that if he killed your little daughter" comments)

  • red-wigglers-cadillac-of-worms Feb 18, 2011

    put him under the prison

  • Bronco Feb 18, 2011

    Wanna bet the doctor does not get life?

  • legal eagle pinehurst Feb 18, 2011

    Get you facts straight WRAL! There is no parole under Structured Sentencing!

  • Just the facts mam Feb 18, 2011

    As long as he and people like him are not in jail, they will be committing more crimes...

  • thinklogic Feb 18, 2011

    Not sure if I agree with the chance of parole thing though. habitual violent felon, gun charges, escaping from prison????? Doesn't sound like the type of guy who needs to have any opportunity for parole.

  • thinklogic Feb 18, 2011

    Fantastic Job. Thanks goes to RPD and the Judge.

  • kebsmom Feb 18, 2011

    Why "with a chance of parole"? Habitual means he probably won't stop no matter when he gets out. So------keep him in there and we won't have to keep taking him back to court and spending money for trials. Give him a job doing something constructive while he is behind bars to earn his keep.

  • UNCFAN14 Feb 18, 2011