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Gun owners say 'no excuse' for not keeping firearms safe from kids

Posted April 29, 2014

— Recent headlines about children who died from gunshots – including a 9-year-old Durham boy who was accidentally shot Monday by his 12-year-old brother – are heartbreaking for gun owners to hear.

“It’s disheartening, it’s saddening,” said Ben Moehring, who said he always keeps his guns under lock and key.

“I do have friends with children that frequent the home, so they’re always locked up and stored away for my peace of mind and for the peace of mind of the parents coming to my home,” he said.

At the Personal Defense & Handgun Safety Center in Raleigh, customers get a copy of the state law that explains how to store weapons. Failing to secure a firearm is a Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to 45 days in jail for first-time offenders.

The customers also get a cable lock that can be placed through the gun action.

“Children are very curious, and we all know that,” said Lynn Howard, a former veteran police officer who now sells firearms at the store.

He said there are a variety of ways to secure firearms, from locks to safes. Doing nothing is not an option.

“There absolutely is no excuse to allow a firearm to be accessed by a minor or a child,” he said.


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  • disgusted2010 Apr 30, 2014

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    If you don't like how things are done in this country, cannot support the constitution and think things are better in the place you came from, then let me ask you a question, why are you here?

  • Grand Union Apr 30, 2014

    "On the off chance that you are NOT being sarcastic......outlawing , or banning something has never worked in the past. If there is a desire, the black market will provide it."

    but only to a point, and the cost is much much higher. Gun crime is very rare in most Western countries other than the US because guns are hard to get legally so most don't bother. There is of course a black market for guns but the cost is very high, typically about $5000 dollars for even the cheapest handgun. So organised crime gets them but they rarely kill members of the general public and petty criminals almost never get them because why commit a crime when you have something you can sell for 5K.
    result almost no murders using guns and only 1/4 the murders overall because other methods are simply less efficient.

  • Whistling Dixie Apr 30, 2014

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    Very well said!

  • Chris Redshaw Apr 30, 2014
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    I know!!!! Look at how it works for drugs!!! And the military can fight wars with sticks, that would be fun!!!! And the police can protect and serve by throwing rocks!!!


  • 678devilish Apr 30, 2014

    Think how much crime would be reduced!!!!!!!!!][/b]That would be a good thing. But continue to do what you do, and more and more lives are going to be taken by gunshots. Once gone, they are forever gone. So think before picking up that loaded gun. Be smart for a change.

  • 678devilish Apr 30, 2014

    It is no excuse. As adults we should do everything possible to keep it safe for our children. But having a loading weapong laying around the home is not making it safe for young impressionable children. Do the right things parents/adults and put a safety lock on the gun and it would not hurt to lock the gun up in a cabinet, etc. Just saying......

  • btneast Apr 30, 2014

    [bOutlaw all guns period!!! Then no one will have a gun including criminals!!! Think how much crime would be reduced!!!!!!!!!][/b] On the off chance that you are NOT being sarcastic......outlawing , or banning something has never worked in the past. If there is a desire, the black market will provide it.

  • Jason Merrill Apr 30, 2014
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    Well, it is not complacency. I do keep the key to my gun safe with me at all times. It is on my key ring, I do not leave the house without my keys ever. My keys rest on the nightstand beside me while I sleep. I guess you could say that they are not on me when in the shower, but they are in the bathroom with me. I move my stuff into the bathroom in the morning when I shower so I do not wake my wife as I get ready for work. So yeah, my only key to the gun safe is with me at all times. As far as not closing the door properly, I cannot remove the key unless the door is locked, it will not lock unless closed properly, so another useless fantasy provided by you now debunked. Go live in a shelter where you can fear the world and all the "evil" gun owners, and leave the rest of us alone.

  • Luke Pool Apr 30, 2014
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    Outlaw all guns period!!!

    Um no thats not how it works, kinda like with drugs. The new laws mandating safe storage have done nothing to decrease accidental shootings, and why is that? Beacause when it happens, most of the time the male (s) of the house have a criminal record, and they store the gun next to the crack pipe.Just like gun laws gun safety laws are useless.Laws only keep honest people honest.

  • areyououtofyourmind Apr 30, 2014

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    And then what's to stop the government from ripping more liberties and freedoms away?