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Group protests DPAC performance

Posted June 17, 2010

— Protesters rallied outside the Durham Performing Arts Center on Thursday night to protest a performance by Israeli dancers.

Representatives of the group, Jews for a Just Peace, said the performance was sponsored and funded by the Israeli government.

The group said it is concerned by what it calls violations of human rights by the Israeli government.


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  • Roland K. Jun 18, 2010

    b4tymeme: I don't understand your point. how does Andrew jackson in the 1830s have anything to do with the situation now? which enemies are calling for the total destruction of Israel, whatever that means.....it wasn't the pres of Iran....his comments were mistranslated....Hamas? they have said they can live with a two state solution. Fatah? Two states. Joradn? Peace agreement. Egypt? peace agreement. Lebanon? weak and insignificant. Syria? same. Israel? sworn to the destruction of the Palestinians.

  • b4tyme Jun 18, 2010

    President Andrew Jackson signed into law the Indian Removal Act in 1830. The Indian Removal Act stipulated the forced relocation of Native Americans out of Florida. This Act was precipitated by the rush of White settlers into Florida, was compounded by the runaway Black slaves that found refuge in Seminole camps, and of course there were numerous clashes between white settlers and the native Americans already residing there.
    Seems to have worked pretty good for the settlers and not the native Americans. Well, the settlers didn't leave. How's the history lesson so far?
    Israel is not going anywhere! Peace will come when her enemies stop calling for her total destruction.
    Is that going to happen? No.

  • Roland K. Jun 18, 2010

    the only thing Israel is defending itself against is peace with the Palestinians. Because peace with the Palestinians disrupts their ultimate gameplan of colonizing the entirety of the West Bank and probably expelling the Palestinians altogether. In 20 years non-Jews will be a majority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. How's that neocolonial enterprise working out for all ya?

  • b4tyme Jun 18, 2010

    Next, we'll see Palestinians for World Peace protesting against Mahmoud Abbas for interferring in the Gaza blockade.

    Israel has a right to and must defend itself.

    Have we forgotten about the Chickamauga wars, Northwest Indian War, Second Seminole War, American Revolutionary War, or the War of 1812, etc. ? Seems to me we thought we had a right to...

  • Roland K. Jun 18, 2010

    XLAW: you do realize that the CIA and Israel supported Fatah's attempt to subvert the election results of 2006 and take over Gaza from Hamas, don't you? Hamas a surrogate for Iran? Oh you mean how israel assisted the racist South African in developing a high-tech weaponry while the world was growing more and more alarmed of South Africa's violence against the majority black population?

  • Roland K. Jun 18, 2010

    Dude, people don't protest Hamas because Israel does it all for them by imposing a cruel counterproductive blockade on the tiny open air prison known as Gaza. I am no fan of Hamas, but come on, why hold protests against a people under siege, dying of malnourishment, lack of medicines, under attacks....how cold are you man? And it's hilarious how the only people who mention Hamas charter are Israeli apologists. Israel should start talking to Hamas and the Palestinians and begin withdrawing from the West Bank and allow for reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas to take place.

  • XLAW Jun 18, 2010

    How about protesting Hamas' military takeover of Gaza and the murder and prosecution of Fatah supporters. How about protesting the Hamas charter calling for the destruction of Israel. How about protesting Hamas' Gaza becoming a surrogate for Iran. How about protesting Hamas using Gaza as the launching pad for rockets. How about protesting the launching of rockets from the roofs of schools and hospitals. Israel was allowing 15,000 tons of supplies to enter Gaza every week. Building supplies were being redirected to building under border tunnels and bunkers- not the rebuilding of homes. As a soverign nation Israel has the right to defend its citizens and since Hamas' charter calls for the destruction of Israel, it has every right to prevent the entry of weapons. Israel's embargo was very selective. What would we do under the same situation? Do you remember the Cuban missile crisis? Google IHH, the supporting organization, and learn what the French terror magistrate h

  • Roland K. Jun 18, 2010

    Blind? My visits to the West Bank in the past 4 years exposed the true depths of the Israeli government's creation of a new Apartheid regime. NCPics, feel free to ignore decades of violent Israel attacks on Palestinian civilians and infrastructure, plus ignoring UN Security Council resolutions and International Court of Justice rulings.... pity, because I like Israel and Palestine.

  • NCPictures Jun 18, 2010

    Good grief! They are DANCERS! And Rockguitar, once again you are blind to the realities of what is going on over there. Feel free to ignore the rockets that were being fired into Israeli neighborhoods. Ignorance is bliss.

  • peppercorns Jun 18, 2010

    Israel is our ally and we hardly ever tell of the mean things they do over in the Gaza Strip. All we ever hear are the mean things the Palestinians do. Censorship is alive and well.
    How would you like it is your family lived on land for hundreds of years and the United Nations said, "Sorry you have to move because we are giving you land to the Jews". That's what happened. That's why they are mad. Israel is a created country and has no special rights to the land.