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Group protests corporal punishment in public schools

Posted August 23, 2008

— A group against corporal punishment in public schools protested Saturday in front of the Robeson County School offices.

“Hitting Stops Here” wants Robeson County schools to ban the practice. More than 1,000 parents have signed the petition asking for the district to stop using corporal punishment.

North Carolina is one of at least 20 states with a law that permits corporal punishment in public schools.


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  • readme Aug 25, 2008

    It seems to work well. I don't see kids as more mature of better behaved when it's taken away, that's for sure.

  • TheAdmiral Aug 25, 2008

    I think that whatever excuses they can come up with to ban corporal punishment I can come up with one good one that trumps all of them.

    1. Because it is not abuse to punish someone for something that they did incorrectly when it is applied according to the standards of such. Which means, if someone does something bad, they can go to Saturday detention or get three whacks from the paddle. Their choice.

    They choose the paddle, with parental permission, then whack. It puts enough emphasis on the appropriate syllables that you need to conform to the rules or face the punishment for not.

    People can proclaim that it damages the kids, and claim one one-hundreth of one percent of the population needs to be hospitalized but the fact of the matter is that making the exception to the rule, the rule looses all credibility.

    Bring it back, and start with the parents.