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Greenville police look for missing girl

Posted October 23, 2009
Updated October 26, 2009

— Greenville police are looking for a child reported missing on Tuesday.

Nijulum Kileonlum Brown, 11, is described as a black girl about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 120 pounds. She was last seen at 6 Merry Lane #A.

She does not meet the requirements for an Amber Alert, a police spokesman said.

Police said Nijulum has run away from home once before. They asked that anyone with information about her contact the Greenville Police Department at 919-329-4300.


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  • Whatever Geez Oct 23, 2009

    and whats the difference between an Amber Alert and going on TV saying shes missing?

  • Whatever Geez Oct 23, 2009

    I'm with Carnival...why not Amber Alert? Who cares that she has ran away...a 11 year old is gone!

  • carnival glass Oct 23, 2009

    A child is missing, that should be the only criteria needed for an Amber alert.

  • MamaDummy Oct 23, 2009

    You should go to the WITN website. They say the family says the girl has not run away before, but the Greenville police are saying she has...and that the area where she lives has within a 3 mile radius, 72 sex offenders...Why in the world wont an Amber Alert be done on her...

  • BruiserB Oct 23, 2009

    I'd run away to if I had that name. Seriously though, I hope she is found safe. Oh, Rheanna, how do you propose that the military go about doing this? Yes we do have satellites, but I'd still like to hear you're proposal.

  • Diabolical Oct 23, 2009

    The military should be taking care of missing children since they have the satellites to use to be able to find their last location and up to the disappearance. The technology is definitely there. Wow, not even a week and already another child. Hope she find her way home.

  • peppercorns Oct 23, 2009

    wow never knew there were requirements....

  • daMoFo Oct 23, 2009

    The requirements aren't hard to find folks. Took me all of 12 seconds on Google.


  • esprg Oct 23, 2009

    what are the requirements for an amber alert?

  • SPEAK 1 Oct 23, 2009

    So What!!!! she has run away before.. she is still a minor... North Carolina