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Greenville man charged in Halifax sex crimes

Posted April 26, 2012

— A 25-year-old Greenville man faces charges that he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old acquaintance over the past six months, the Halifax County Sheriff's Office said Thursday.

Joseph Allen Braxton was arrested by Pitt County authorities at a relative's home and taken to the Pitt County jail. He is due in Halifax County court on June 6.

Braxton was charged with seven counts of statutory rape, seven counts of indecent liberties with a child and seven counts of crimes against nature, authorities said. 

No other information was released.


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  • Stryker Apr 27, 2012

    The age of consent in NC is 16, reagardless of the age difference. I personally feel this is low, just seems something is wrong with a 40 yold being able to legally have sex with a 16yold. Possibly a few months could have made the act between these two legal.

  • CorrectMeIfImwrong Apr 27, 2012

    @anonymous lucy, sounds like a personal issue with you, regardless 17 years and under she is UNDERAGE. He is a GROWN MAN. Put yourself in this situation as the gold-digger and see if you come to the same conclusion.

  • tar97heel Apr 27, 2012

    But anonymous lucy! It's ALWAYS the guy's fault, and we know, even though she was 15, that she really is a child, still in diapers, with no "adult" inclinations whatsoever.

    BTW he looks 15 himself. Great use of our justice system and tax dollars.

  • halfpint1552 Apr 27, 2012

    He should still know better than to have sex with a 15 year old girl! Jeez!

  • Glass Half Full Apr 27, 2012

    That still doesn't make it right for a 25 year old man to take advantage of a 15 year old girl. Her body may be mature but her brain is not. Having a poor example for a father is more reason for older men to keep their distance. Don't blame children for the actions of adults. Adults know when they have to say no, children are much more controlled by their emotions and are not ways as mentally mature. Bottom line, he took advantage of a child and now has to suffer the consequences.