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Granville Raising Property Tax by 5.5 Cents per $100

Posted June 5, 2007

— Granville County commissioners have approved a property tax increase of 5.5 cents per $100 of assessed value.

The result of their decision Monday night is that someone who owns a $200,000 home will now pay $1,510 in taxes.

That's about $110 more than last year, or just under 8 percent.


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  • Deep thoughts Jun 6, 2007

    Just one more group of politicians lining their pockets with our hard earned money. It's not enough that we are paying 3 bucks a gallon, sales tax, state tax, and federal tax. Now they want to raise our property taxes too, fair well middle class.

  • davidgnews Jun 6, 2007

    Ahh, the good-ol-boy network.

    But hey - they had to cash in on all of the rampant subdivisions since they realized they were missing a 'new' cash cow.

    Make the developers pay !

  • QT3.14 Jun 6, 2007

    The commissioners can pull together to raise taxes but not to vote for curbside recycling? The difference is... I'll gladly pay for curbside recycling because I think it would actually make a difference in this world. I'm sure the increased revenue from the property taxes will be squandered away instead - otherwise how would you explain the amazing growth in our county over the last several years (and therefore increase in revenue) but no change in the services such as schools, police and fire?

    In our district the person running against the incumbent in the last election had no political experience and did not campaign nearly enough. Voting out the commissioners will only work if we have quality candidates to replace them. Replacing old ignorance with new ignorance is still IGNORANCE.

  • thegreatsilly1 Jun 6, 2007

    how about building a decent shopping center in the brassfield area with some of this money? to have to go to Wake Forest of Raleigh for goods and services is just too far. There must be 25 new neighborhoods going up within 5 miles of my house which is less than a mile from the fire dept. I agree with the volunteer fireman, cell service is iffy at best, better luck with to cups and string!

  • haditup2here Jun 6, 2007

    Things I want to know: When was the last time they had a tax increase and how much was it? How often do they re-evaluate people's properties for tax assessed value? This just doesn't even begin to tell the whole story. Also, does anyone out there just happen to know whether or not FRANKLIN County still has the second highest property tax rate in the whole state?

  • likemenow Jun 6, 2007

    If the WCPSS keeps screwing things up, there will be a lot more families moving to towns in counties like this....I'd get ready if i were you

  • Escapist Jun 6, 2007

    I've lived in Granville County most of my life, except for stints in Raleigh and Atlanta. It is indeed a beautiful county, with lots of good people. I hate to pay more taxes just as much as anybody. However, we desperately need money for our schools and other infrastructure. If we don't get these in line with surrounding counties, we have no hope of bringing in large businesses that would expand our tax base and help ease the burden on homeowners. I agree some of our commissioners are out of touch. That's why everyone MUST vote when elections come around again. Let's get rid of the "good 'ol boys" and bring in fresh blood!

  • .Milky Jun 6, 2007

    I hate to see such a beautiful county being ruined by bankers and the mob. It is very sad to watch.

  • Jun 6, 2007

    I've lived in Granville County since 1994. I agree with Danburger about his concerns over fire protection. I'm a volunteer with Brassfield Vol. Fire Dept. Our area has grown at an astounding rate. We get $50,000 a year from the county to operate. We don't have water (other than ponds) in our fire district. There's a waterline from Creedmoor to Wilton. At Wilton Elementary School, there's a relatively new water tower that sits empty and useless. What happens if the school catches on fire? We can't even get decent 2-way radio (911 comm) in Brassfield on a new 800 mhz system. All the new neighborhoods should have a warning sign about the potential danger. Homeowners insurance is high because we have to get water from Franklin Co. or find a pond nearby to fight fire. Citizens in our district need to force the county to do something about their fire protection/911 service. We can't help you if we don't even get dispatched and/or can't communicate on a scene. Be afraid and outraged. I am.

  • WTFmph Jun 6, 2007

    The way this country became so great is that it exploited untapped resources and HAD NO GOVERNMENT.

    It took a surprising number of years for the initial government, set up with the best of intentions, to get any type of revenue stream at all, especially including income and property taxes.

    Like all governments, an authority over the people to rob their power and resources, they quickly became greedy.

    They now rob you at every turn, and incarcerate you if you don't like it.

    NEVER give your money to strangers and expect them to spend it with your best interest at heart.

    These creeps are giving your increased property taxes to developers so they can come in and overtax your water systems and roadways, schools, and guess what? When these systems collapse under the pressure, another tax increase.

    As long as we allow a political system where politicians prosper by sucking up to the already powerful instead of their constituents, might as well keep the Vaseline hand