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Grand Jury Indicts 5 Men in 4 Raleigh Homicides

Posted January 29, 2008

— A Wake County grand jury returned murder indictments Tuesday against men arrested in four killings in the city, three earlier this month and one in late December.

The panel indicted Jneaka Jaroyce Sutton, 22, in the death of Derrick Dangelo Swinson. He had been shot and was found behind a Walnut Street building on Jan. 8. He died at WakeMed.

U.S. Marshals and Raleigh police arrested Sutton in Cary a week later.

Joel Mica Barnes, 20, was indicted in the Jan. 9 slaying of Phillip Michael Hart, 21, who was found outside a Damon Court home. Hart died at WakeMed, and the case was ruled a homicide, but police had not disclosed how Hart was killed.

The jury also indicted Ricardo De Jesus Torres Serpas, 25, and Juan Asael Moveda-Aleman, 16, two of five men arrested in the death of a man found lying along the 4200 block of Bland Street on a Sunday morning.

Felipe Montalvo-Montalvo, 32, was found Jan. 6. Charlotte police arrested Serpas Jan. 9 and turned him over to Raleigh police.

The Dec. 28 killing of Daniel Dietmar Smith, 21, resulted in an indictment against Wallace Reynolds Bass Jr., 24. Police had charged that Bass stabbed Smith at the West Side Stories nightclub, apparently after Smith spilled beer on him.


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  • yeahright2 Jan 29, 2008

    Turn their lives around? The only thing that needs turning is the ON switch on the electric chair.

  • Meandmytwo Jan 29, 2008

    Wow, these guys were really busy. These senseless crimes have got to stop. Just because beer was spilled on you, you turn around and stab someone to death. I hope these guys turn there life around before judgement day.

  • casp3r Jan 29, 2008

    wrx44= The government spends hundreds of millions of dollars on " prevention " of a lot of things. Look at the headlines, kids are killing us at a alarming rate. How about all that prevention with teen pregnancy? Yep it is on the rise once again. Go ahead and expect the money and government to do it all for you. GET OFF YOUR REAR AND RAISE YOUR CHILDRED LIKE YOU SHOULD!!!!!!

  • wrx44 Jan 29, 2008

    casp3r, are you serious?.....

    If the government does not invest in prevention, just expect a lot more crime...it IS simple as that.

  • casp3r Jan 29, 2008

    lol Ok, what was I thinking.

  • ncwebguy Jan 29, 2008

    That money helped thousands of other at-risk kids that DID NOT kill anyone. The ones who have no parental supervision because their parents have to work three jobs to put food on the table, a roof over their head, day care, and health care.

    We are saving millions of dollars by keeping the other 80-90% of at-risk kids out of jain instead of paying to procecute them and imprison them along with these murders.

    It is amazing that "conservatives" continue tell Americans it is better to pay for the pound of cure instead of the ounce of prevention. A waste of billions of our tax dollars next fiscal year is ok since it isn't on the books for this election cycle, thanks to our CEO run-the-government-like-Enron President.

  • PikeMom4real Jan 29, 2008

    casper,I knew that,I was being a smart donkey........hehe

  • casp3r Jan 29, 2008


  • casp3r Jan 29, 2008

    Program to Help Keep Juveniles Out of Trouble May Be Sacked= There is one on the front page. Millions are spent, why did it not help this young men?

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 29, 2008

    Send them to prison for a few years. THey knew right from wrong. They took a life.