Grand jury asks for investigation of Perdue donor

Posted April 8, 2013

Gov. Beverly Perdue

— A Wake County grand jury on Monday asked District Attorney Colon Willoughby to determine whether a supporter of former Gov. Beverly Perdue violated state campaign finance laws.

The grand jury issued a presentment, stating that there was probable cause to believe Charles Michael Fulenwider broke the law by funneling money through a Chapel Hill firm to pay for someone on Perdue's staff during the 2008 gubernatorial campaign.

Fulenwider, a wealthy Perdue donor from Morganton, provided $32,000 to Tryon Capital Ventures LLC to help pay the salary of Julia Leigh Sitton as she worked as a fundraiser for Perdue's campaign.

Sitton and Peter Reichard, Perdue's former campaign finance chief and an executive with Tryon Capital Ventures, have already pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in the case.

Grand jurors noted that Fulenwider had already donated the maximum allowed to Perdue's campaign when the scheme was hatched with Reichard and Sitton.

Sitton of Morganton, the former director of Perdue's western office, initially suggested that Fulenwider hire her and allow her to work on the campaign, and Reichard encouraged that arrangement, Willoughby said during Reichard's plea hearing.

Reichard later drew up contracts in which Fulenwider would pay Tryon Capital Ventures $2,000 a month for investment advice, and Reichard would forward the money to Sitton, Willoughby said. The North Carolina Democratic Party also paid Sitton $3,000 a month for her campaign work.

Willoughby said the arrangement lasted from August 2007 through the May 2008 primary, when Fulenwider thought it had ended. Reichard continued to send him invoices for Sitton's work, however, and paid for Sitton's campaign work through the November 2008 election.

Perdue family friend Trawick Hamilton "Buzzy" Stubbs Jr. of New Bern also faces felony charges of obstruction of justice and certifying a false campaign finance report. The charges stem from more than $28,000 in undisclosed flights he allegedly provided during the 2008 campaign on his private planes.


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  • driverkid3 Apr 9, 2013

    I wondered how long this would take. Someone posted in here that it should have been done while she was in office. I agree with that, it should be done for ANYONE holding a public office.

  • yankee1 Apr 9, 2013

    The fascinating part of being a liberal is that no matter how much theft, corruption, graft, flat out lying or simple mismanagement occurs in Government on both sides, at all levels, Government is always where they turn to take care of them. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Apparently the psychiatric community hasn't found a pill for that yet!

  • WooHoo2You Apr 9, 2013

    "Is that why republicans are always getting caught for the exact same thing? Oh, but that's a "witch hunt" then....." - WooHoo2You

    Why is your response to corruption, wrong doing, or bad policy ALWAYS: "but the other side did it too"?-publicassistance

    No, my response is GET RID OF *ALL* CORRUPTION…your response is to ignore the bad apples on one side of the fence.

  • pappybigtuna1 Apr 9, 2013

    I volunteer to be part of the Grand Jury, He he he Payback time, what comes around goes around

    All it takes is "one" and they will turn on each other, this is good stuff

  • baldchip Apr 9, 2013

    And people wonder why the GOP won last fall!!! Bevvie and her crew of minnions abused the people to no end.

    Even though the GOP is having priority issues, they are still a big improvement over Bevvie and her clueless crowd!!

  • publicassistance Apr 9, 2013

    "Is that why republicans are always getting caught for the exact same thing? Oh, but that's a "witch hunt" then....." -

    Why is your response to corruption, wrong doing, or bad policy ALWAYS: "but the other side did it too"?

    Every problem we have need not be addressed because it was that way under "bush", the repubs, "fill-in the blank".

  • publicassistance Apr 9, 2013

    "Who are the bigger crooks, Chicago Democrats or North Carolina Democrats." - tatermommy52

    Its a toss-up. Problem is, one of the Chicago gang is running things in DC now!

  • publicassistance Apr 9, 2013

    Wow, we continue to unravel the crimes and corruption of a century of the Democrat machine sydicate that ran the state as their personal fief.

    They may have to open a new "democrat wing" for office holding criminals at the state prison in Raleigh.

  • teleman60 Apr 9, 2013

    And Art Pope got what job fro his little buddy Pat?

    Oh that's right! He's the state BUDGET DIRECTOR!!!

    Wonder how that happened?

  • teleman60 Apr 9, 2013

    Gee, $32000 to pay the salary of a campaign person -- $32000 NOT $13 MILLION that Art Pope gave to finance the takeover of the NC legislature and governors election!!

    You'd be hard pressed to get ANYONE to work for #32000 nowadays.