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Florida schools giving away $350,000 worth of IPods -- using Stimulus Money...

Posted February 11, 2010

POLK COUNTY (Bay News 9) -- The Polk County school district is giving away iPods to some parents.

The school district is using the device to reward parents of children with disabilities who fill out a 10-minute online survey. The district wants to know how well it's connecting with the parents and how to get parents involved in their children's education.

The district is spending about $350,000 in federal stimulus money for the iPods.

The district has more than 10,000 students with disabilities.

source: baynews channel 9


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  • chargernut69 Feb 11, 2010

    Well, ain't that smart ... Guess where the iPods are made ? You guessed it -- China! That sure helps the US economy doesn't it....

  • endless Feb 11, 2010

    This IS the kind of stuff Tea Partiers are protesting.

    And tmedlin is right - which is the problem! Tea Partiers are usually protesting stuff that incorrect, false, half-truths, and lies.

  • endless Feb 11, 2010

    florida schools giving away $350,000 worth of ipods -- using stimulus money...

    so that is incorrect - it WAS NOT stimulus money and they have cancelled it. And it was not a reward but a teaching opportunity to be filled with teaching tools.

  • endless Feb 11, 2010

    And now - Paul Harvey is here - WITH THE REST OF THE STORY!

    "The stimulus money that I received," said Wooldock, "I did use for student achievement and to save jobs" by purchasing language and reading materials for students and helping maintain a staff of school psychologists and social workers.

    By the district's reckoning, the funds would have purchased about 2,500 iPods, which they intended to pack with educational information for parents who participated in the survey. The district was also planning training sessions to teach parents to use the devices.

    No plans are being made to give any iPods to the students themselves, said Wooldock, who attributed the original idea to a school committee for their exceptional students program. Wooldock said her phone has been ringing constantly since news of the offer came out."

  • endless Feb 11, 2010

    ACTUALLY YOU KNOW WHAT PEOPLE SHOULD DO? Instead of just reposting emails they rcve? or just saying protest this?

    They should research things - a simple google search

    "A Florida school district has canceled its plans to spend $350,000 in taxpayer money to buy thousands of iPods for parents of special-needs students after it was erroneously reported that federal stimulus funds were covering the costs."

    The district had planned to buy the iPods with money left over from the 2008-2009 school year, part of a package of taxpayer dollars fed in as funding from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, school administrators said.

    "But initial reports from the Florida Ledger incorrectly stated that federal stimulus money -- meant to save and create jobs -- was being spent on the iPods. The paper has since retracted that claim, and the schools are now firing back."

  • colliedave Feb 11, 2010

    and all came with the offical seal of The Annointed One

  • JuanGrande v3.0 Feb 11, 2010

    so the non-special needs kids are left out? That's racist, sexist, or whatever you want to tag it!

  • shepherd Feb 11, 2010

    "From what I understand, the Samsung LED model UN55B8500 produces a vivid, almost 3D picture."

    Why should the american taxpayer shuck out $3500 per set when Vizio makes a 55" for $1298. I say get the kid a good set of binoculars and let the parent buy their own big screen.

  • Aces_N_8s Feb 11, 2010

    This is ridiculous.

  • muttley - back by popular demand Feb 11, 2010

    I read a similar story where parents were given 55-inch Samsung HDTV sets for the benefit of their sight-impaired children. It's fortunate we have such a caring, thoughtful government. From what I understand, the Samsung LED model UN55B8500 produces a vivid, almost 3D picture.




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