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Posted December 10, 2009


In what will probably be the last GOLO profile of 2009, we go out with a major bang. I had such a great conversation with Genie2u yesterday that the time just flew by. She has a great personality and holds fast to her beliefs on raising children. She also had some pretty funny stories to share and we laughed quite a bit.  So, GOLO...if you haven’t already, meet Genie2u!


Angela: I see from your profile that you too are a proud member of Generation X. What do you think is one of the most common misconceptions about our generation?

Genie2u: Well, I think so many people think we are spoiled and maybe the far end of the generation grew up with a lot more things than we did but me, I didn’t. They may have had the technological advantages but I didn’t grow up with that.   


Angela: Have you heard us referred to as helicopter parents?

Genie2u: No I haven’t but I do know that too many in our generation are child rearing from a psychologist standpoint. We were disciplined as children and I see friends and co-workers ignoring bad behavior and rewarding good behavior. To me fear is a small part of respect. They need to fear the consequences. I think we’re raising our kids to feel like they’re entitled to everything and don’t have to work for it.


Angela: I would have to agree with that one.  

Genie2u: Back when I was a substitute teacher, parents would jump on me and I’d ask: “Did you realize they didn’t turn in their homework for the last 9 weeks?”

Kids today don’t say yes ma’am or no sir anymore. I know people who say they don’t want their kids saying it either.


Angela: I know when I introduce my kids to a friend of mine I say this is Miss Sarah or Mister David because that’s how I was raised. I read your recent blog about helping your daughter with the school project. How hard was it not to just do it yourself?

Genie2u: It was hard but I wanted her to be a part of it every step of the way. Ideally they would do them on their own but you have to help them. And like I wrote on the blog, there was some whose parents did it themselves and you could immediately tell. It would have been a lot easier but I was determined to make her get her hands dirty with me. And just a little side note for the teachers on GOLO… Most of these projects are absolutely ridiculous. They’re a lot of work on the parents and the children learn very little from them.


Angela: Okay. I’m going to include that so get ready for the backlash from the teachers on GOLO!

Genie2u: (Laughs) I think having extracurricular activities is just as important for kids to make them well-rounded.

Now, my kids do clean. They do work around the house. I tell them there are four of us in this house and I work full-time and it isn’t fair for me to take care of everybody. I give them an allowance for helping with the dishes but not for taking care of their own rooms and bathroom. That’s their job. They’re 12 and 10.  

I don’t reward them for getting good grades either because you’re not going to get rewarded for doing your job which is to get good grades. I tell them that if I don’t go to work I’ll get fired, and no one pats me on the back for showing up every day.


Angela: You, my dear, are certainly not a helicopter parent

Genie2u: (We both laugh)


Angela: Okay so I guess we’d better talk about GOLO a little bit. Tell me, what does GOLO mean to you?

Genie2u: I would say to me it helps fill some of the voids during the day. I work kind of off to the side and it makes me feel like I have friends to talk to during the day. I like getting on there and hearing other people’s opinion. It’s really a sense of community. In a way, I feel like I know so many of these people. As I keep doing my getting to know you blogs I see that some are the complete opposite of what you might think.


Angela: Who are some of your favorites?

Genie2u: Oh wow... That’s hard to say. I really like Jetnoise. Her and I have so much in common. Jack is one of my favorites. He tickles me. I really like Downtownboy and Rick and I love Hank Hankins. They’re funny. Saltyrover is hilarious. I love his quotes of the day.


Angela: Yeah he really has a unique gift of messing up those quotes doesn’t he?

Genie2u: Yes!


Angela: What’s the sneakiest thing you’ve ever done?

Genie2u: Let’s see. Sneakiest…. When I was a teenager I got into this little phase where I would skip school. I’d leave during the day and in the afternoon my friend would follow the school bus and when it stopped I’d get out of the car and duck down and walk around the bus and catch up with my brothers and we’d walk to the house together.  


Angela: Scandalous!  Your brothers never told on you?

Genie2u: They were younger. They knew to be quiet.

But now I am a fine upstanding law-abiding citizen.


(More laughter from both of us)  


Angela: What would you do if your daughter did that?

Genie2u: Oh My God!  I have found that humiliation works wonders, so I would go to school with her for 3-4 days and walk her to classes holding her hand taking her to each class. That happened to a friend of mine in high school in 10th grade and she never had that problem again.

My youngest used to be so slow in the mornings and she’s also very vain. I told her “From now on your hair is the last thing you can do in the morning.” The next morning she was moving slowly and sure enough she didn’t have enough time to do her hair. Ands she went to bed with the worst case of bed head and I went in and told the teacher what was going on and she understood. My daughter now knows it’s up to her if she goes to school with good hair or not.


Angela: I like that method. Again, no signs of a helicopter parent in you, that’s for sure. What do you do for fun?

Genie2u: I love to shoot pool. I put a Women’s tournament together and I shoot on Wednesday nights and co-ed on the weekends. And I love to crochet.


Angela: How long have you been doing both?

Genie2u: Crocheting for about 12 years and pool for probably 10 years.

My ex-husband owned two bars and I never touched a pool stick back the. It wasn’t until we divorced that I learned to play.


Angela: That’s odd.

Genie2u: I was too busy watching his skeezy butt to pick up a stick.


Angela: Alrighty then (I stall here trying to figure out the best way to spell “skeezy.”) Since there was a divorce I’m guessing he was pretty skeezy?

Genie2u: Yes. I’m happily married now though…


Angela: Good, Where will you be 10 years from now?

Genie2u: Hmmm, my youngest will be halfway through college and my oldest will be in college. Probably standing in line at a soup kitchen.


Angela: (Laughs) I might be standing behind you.

Genie2u: They’d better get scholarships.


Angela: Tell me a great memory from your childhood:

Genie2u: I have two. We had beautiful flowers at my house year round. I can even remember snow being on the ground when I was 4 and 5 but we still had these beautiful tulips and pansies. I asked my mom about it later on and she told me that my grandfather lived across the street from a graveyard and he brought the flowers over from the graveyard and she put them around the house! People probably thought we were crazy.

And here’s another one.

We struggled growing up –and I can remember my mom having yard sales to raise money for Christmas. My brothers got two new bikes for Christmas and I remember being happy for them but wishing I’d had one. Well, when I went in there I had a new bike too.

My mom later told me that it wasn’t new. It was my old bike and they’d just painted it and put little tassels on the handlebars.


(We laugh again)


Angela: Are you still close with your mom?

Genie2u: Yes, she’s my best friend.


Angela: What will you do when you retire?

Genie2u: I’d like to travel but I’m going to stick close to home. I love being around my brothers and mom. Hopefuly Ikll have grandkids. I’d like to sleep in.



Angela: What would you like to see happen on GOLO in 2010?

Genie2u: I would really like to stop seeing so much whining.

When I go to your profile I just laugh. Other than that I would like to see the Your Turn section change a little more. And I’d like to see a little less of people annoying others and being condescending. Some of the most intelligent people are the ones who can take the most complex things and make them simple so that others can understand. Not the people who use all the words in the dictionary. I think 80% of the bloggers are there for the right reason and that’s a good thing.


Angela: Tell me something most GOLO’ers don’t know about you?

Genie2u: Well, my most memorable GOLO moment was when I ended up on Salty’s quote of the day list. See, GOLO even makes us feel special



Angela: Well Genie, it has been an absolutely pleasure talking to you. I could just go on and on….

 Genie2u: Me too. When can I expect to see my name in lights?


Angela: Tomorrow or Friday, so be on the lookout!

Genie2u: Okay!


Many thanks to all of our great members who have allowed me to interview them this year. I look forward to talking to more of you in 2010!


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  • wizzard Jan 18, 2010

    a belated happy new year greetings from me to all the members....

  • headlong Dec 13, 2009

    Genie is a lot of fun to have around GOLO for sure...interesting games learning about members, problem solving, etc. She makes me laugh!!! Great interview!!!

  • Sandra Carrington-Smith Dec 12, 2009

    What a great interview, Genie and Angela!!!

    Genie, you're on my list of people to meet. :-)

  • jackaroo2 Dec 12, 2009

    gal, you and the kid, and the sguirrel, trina, too many to list...are my fav girlies. I have been fortunate to meet most. Just stay like you are, and enjoy the holidays.

  • familyfour Dec 11, 2009


  • pinklady-1 Dec 11, 2009

    great interview genie!...i never knew you were such a!...i'm glad that you are part of golo :-)

  • genie2u Dec 11, 2009

    Awww shucks, making me blush! Hey my boss decided I have to decorate our area for xmas - anyone want to come help>? I don't even have my tree up at home. My kids were like "no fair" lol

  • Kidw4legs stops in Dec 11, 2009

    Genie, now I know why Jacka2 is so fond of you. You really are grounded, and that makes for a great person. Enjoyed the interview!

  • jackaroo2 Dec 10, 2009

    hey baby, u know I love you. What a great interview, definitely bookmark material. There was something special about you when I read your first comments. They were so intelligent/thoughtful. Stay just like you are.

  • lolly Dec 10, 2009

    WOW, I love your parenting approach Genie!! And your sense of humor is marvelous. Your interview made me LOL.

    Angela, great job interviewing one of golo's true assets.




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