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Oregon Health Plan: woman denied cancer drug but offered assisted suicide

Posted August 8, 2009

The wonders of socialized medicine revealed in Oregon...

Barbara Wagner, who is covered through the state of Oregon's government health care plan, was denied an important cancer drug she requested and instead was offered a drug for assisted suicide.  Below is an excerpt from the article:


Her doctor offered hope in the new chemotherapy drug Tarceva, but the Oregon Health Plan sent her a letter telling her the cancer treatment was not approved.

Instead, the letter said, the plan would pay for comfort care, including "physician aid in dying," better known as assisted suicide.

"I told them, I said, 'Who do you guys think you are?' You know, to say that you'll pay for my dying, but you won't pay to help me possibly live longer?' " Wagner said.


Below is an excerpt on the Oregon Health Plan from Wikipedia:


The Oregon Health Plan was conceived and realized by emergency room doctor John Kitzhaber, then a state senator, and Dr. Ralph Crawshaw, a Portland activist.

It was intended to make health care more available to the working poor, while rationing benefits. At the time, Oregon was considered a national leader in health care reform.


More evidence that government run healthcare programs lead to rationing and denial of care.


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  • cuzin244 Jul 4, 2011

    I sonder if the state will pick up the funeral expense? Hence assisted suicide/assisted funeral.

  • cuzin244 Jul 4, 2011

    'Nuff said. on to something else. Go Oregon. You da boys.

  • cuzin244 Jul 4, 2011

    If you believe in reincarnation then, come back with a vengeance. If you're a cow, Dump up and doen Pensylvania avenue until they retire you again. If you come back as a dog, do all you can to get rabies and bite every politician you see. Leave the post man alone.

  • cuzin244 Jul 4, 2011

    Talk about identity theft. How about body, soul, and spirit, confiscated by the government.

  • cuzin244 Jul 4, 2011

    Never imagined it would get like this during my lifetime.but here it is. and my vote won't mean a thing in a few years if we even vote at all. I only aspire to become the czar of death. With a board of liberals to decide who goes and who stays. How 'bout this: Just like retiremant set an age and that's when yournumber is retired, taken off the world's computer base. If that don't kill you nothing will. Erased from cyber world

  • cuzin244 Jul 4, 2011

    Todays ideaology is, "get old, get off the road and outta the way."Hello liberals, you know who you are.

  • cuzin244 Jul 4, 2011

    That's the way it is folks, you are born, you get old and then you die. If you don't die soon enough you can be helped to get out of the way. "If you don't die we will help you. You will be told, "Call us at 1.800.die&let die."

  • historicalantiques Aug 15, 2009

    "The National plan is not a copy of the Oregon plan. Apples to Oranges comparison"

    True. But why is she having the same problem that those under the British plan have. And why do the British people have the same problem that those under the Canada plan have? I mean, they're ALL different plans, right? But theyre having the same results. So why should we believe that while Obamas plan is different, we wont have the same result as in Oregon, Britain, Canada, etc? Back when before the Oregon plan was being still debated, before it became law, its supporters promised us that this wouldnt happen. That those opposed to the Oregon plan were lying, that what was going on in Britain, Canada, etc, would not happen in Oregon, because Oregon was a different plan. But now its happening in Oregon. So why should anyone beleive that the national plan wont have the same result?

  • lauraminnigerode Aug 15, 2009

    OHP had paid for extensive cancer treatment for Ms. Wagner over the previous three years and was still paying for her care until she died. She died a short time after starting the Tarceva.

    In the letter, OHP included a long list of appropriate end-of-life care that would be paid for, including hospice, medical equipment, palliative services, state-of-the-art pain and symptom management and the reminder of the assisted suicide service. Might Wagner have been better off, and perhaps even lived longer, if her doctors had referred her to hospice instead of recommending a drug so toxic and so unlikely to extend her life?

    Only 8% of advanced lung cancers respond to Tarceva (92% don’t), with a chance to extend life from an average of 4 months to 6 months (average of 12 days per patient). 19 % of patients develop toxic side effects. Based effectiveness, Oregon Health Plan denied coverage

    The media juxtaposed denial of Tarceva with coverage for aid in dying in a sensational, emoti

  • oldschool Aug 13, 2009

    "don't lets do any thing!"

    Ah, the classic strawman. You've studied the Obama talking points well. It's unfortuante that neither he (nor you) know what he is talking about.




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